Hi! I'm a fan of the Fire Emblem series, being that my first (and favorite) game is Awakening. I was convinced to pick up a copy of the game after I was formally introduced to its main characters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Since then, the Fire Emblem series has easily become one of my all-time favorite video games series, despite me only have played a few titles thus far... But I will play all (ok, most) of them someday!

Current Fire Emblem progress: Playing SoV and PoR, Filling Fates Support Log

Path of Radiance In progress
Radiant Dawn On hold (to beat PoR first)
Awakening Completed on Normal, 100% Support Log
Fates: Birthright Completed on Normal
Fates: Conquest Completed on Normal
Fates: Revelation Completed on Normal
Echoes: Shadows of Valentia In progress
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Completed on Normal
Fire Emblem Heroes In progress...?

My Castle: 09371-05378-53366-63508 (NA)

My Sandbox

If there is a prize for beating the final boss of Tokyo Mirage Sessions without using a single Master Seal... consider me a recipient! ;)

Kind-of ironic my icon depicts a Zelda character (another favorite video game series), but then Lana does have a Fire Emblem-feel about her (using tomes and all), so whatever. XD

I'm a huge fan of the Oxford comma, so I WILL be adding it on the pages! Seriously, why don't you use it, people?! But otherwise, I'll be editing where and when I find something to edit while exploring the wiki.

The following armies are still a work in progress.

My Awakening Army
Name Class Spouse Mother Father Child(ren)
FE13 Female Avatar Tactician Map Sprite.gif Heather Grandmaster Chrom Lucina, Morgan
FE13 Chrom Lord Map Sprite.gif Chrom Great Lord Heather Lucina, Morgan
FE13 Lissa Cleric Map Sprite.gif Lissa Sage Henry Owain
Frederick Great Knight FE13 Map Icon.gif Frederick Great Knight Sumia Cynthia
FE13 Virion Archer Map Sprite.gif Virion Sniper Sully Kjelle
FE13 Sully Cavalier Map Sprite.gif Sully Paladin Virion Kjelle
FE13 Vaike Fighter Map Sprite.gif Vaike Warrior Miriel Laurent
FE13 Stahl Cavalier Map Sprite.gif Stahl Paladin Olivia Inigo
FE13 Miriel Mage Map Sprite.gif Miriel Sage Vaike Laurent
FE13 Kellam Knight Map Sprite.gif Kellam General Nowi Nah
FE13 Sumia Pegasus Knight Map Sprite.gif Sumia Dark Flier Frederick Cynthia
FE13 Lon'qu Myrmidon Map Sprite.gif Lon'qu Swordmaster Cordelia Severa
FE13 Ricken Mage Map Sprite.gif Ricken Dark Knight Maribelle Brady
FE13 Maribelle Troubadour Map Sprite.gif Maribelle Valkyrie Ricken Brady
FE13 Panne Taguel Map Sprite.gif Panne Taguel Donnel Yarne
FE13 Gaius Thief Map Sprite.gif Gaius Assassin Tharja Noire
FE13 Cordelia Pegasus Knight Map Sprite.gif Cordelia Falcon Knight Lon'qu Severa
FE13 Gregor Mercenary Map Sprite.gif Gregor Hero Cherche Gerome
FE13 Nowi Manakete Map Sprite.gif Nowi Manakete Kellam Nah
FE13 Libra War Monk Map Sprite.gif Libra War Monk
FE13 Tharja Dark Mage Map Sprite.gif Tharja Sorcerer Gaius Noire
FE13 Olivia Dancer Map Sprite.gif Olivia Dancer Stahl Inigo
FE13 Cherche Wyvern Rider Map Sprite.gif Cherche Wyvern Lord Gregor Gerome
FE13 Henry Dark Mage Map Sprite.gif Henry Sorcerer Lissa Owain
FE13 Donnel Villager Map Sprite.gif Donnel Bow Knight Panne Yarne
FE13 Say'ri Swordmaster Map Sprite.gif Say'ri Swordmaster
FE13 Basilio Warrior Map Sprite.gif Basilio Warrior
FE13 Flavia Hero Map Sprite.gif Flavia Hero
FE13 Anna Trickster Map Sprite.gif Anna Trickster
FE13 Lucina Lord Map Sprite.gif Lucina Great Lord Heather Chrom
FE13 Owain Myrmidon Map Sprite.gif Owain Swordmaster Lissa Henry
AzureInigoMapSprite.gif Inigo Hero Olivia Stahl
BradyMapSprite.gif Brady War Monk Maribelle Ricken
FE13 Kjelle Knight Map Sprite.gif Kjelle General Sully Virion
FE13 Cynthia Pegasus Knight Map Sprite.gif Cynthia Falcon Knight Sumia Frederick
SerenaSevera.gif Severa Hero Cordelia Lon'qu
FE13 Gerome Wyvern Rider Map Sprite.gif Gerome Wyvern Lord Cherche Gregor
MarkMorganMale.gif Morgan Grandmaster Heather Chrom
FE13 Yarne Taguel Map Sprite.gif Yarne Taguel Panne Donnel
FE13 Laurent Mage Map Sprite.gif Laurent Dark Knight Miriel Vaike
FE13 Noire Archer Map Sprite.gif Noire Sniper Tharja Gaius
NnNah.gif Nah Manakete Nowi Kellam
FE13 Tiki Manakete Map Sprite.gif Tiki Manakete
FE13 Gangrel Trickster Map Sprite.gif Gangrel Trickster
FE13 Walhart Conqueror Map Sprite.gif Walhart Conqueror
FE13 Emmeryn Sage Map Sprite.gif Emmeryn Sage
FE13 Yen'Fay Swordmaster Map Sprite.gif Yen'fay Swordmaster
FE13 Aversa Dark Flier Map Sprite.gif Aversa Dark Flier
FE13 Priam Hero Map Sprite.gif Priam Hero

My Fates: Revelation Army
Name Class Spouse Buddy Mother Father Child(ren)
FE14 Kamui (F) Dark Princess Map Sprite.gif Heather Hoshido Noble Silas Kana, Sophie
FE14 Azura Singer Map Sprite.gif Azura Songstress Kaze Shigure, Midori
FE14 Felicia Maid Map Sprite.gif Felicia Maid Odin Ophelia
FE14 Joker Butler Map Sprite.gif Jakob Butler Kagero Dwyer
FE14 Suzukaze Ninja Map Sprite.gif Kaze Master Ninja Azura Shigure, Midori
FE14 Silas Cavalier Map Sprite.gif Silas Paladin Heather Kana, Sophie
FE14 Mozume Villager Map Sprite.gif Mozu Merchant Keaton Velouria
FE14 Asyura Adventurer Map Sprite.gif Shura Adventurer
FE14 Ryoma Trueblade Map Sprite.gif Ryoma Swordmaster Camilla Shiro
FE14 Hinoka Pegasus Warrior Map Sprite.gif Hinoka Falcon Knight Xander Siegbert
FE14 Takumi Bowman Map Sprite.gif Takumi Sniper Elise Kiragi
FE14 Sakura Priestess Map Sprite.gif Sakura Priestess Leo Forrest
FE14 Xander Paladin Map Sprite.gif Xander Paladin Hinoka Siegbert
FE14 Camilla Revenant Knight Map Sprite.gif Camilla Malig Knight Ryoma Shiro
FE14 Leo Dark Knight Map Sprite.gif Leo Dark Knight Sakura Forrest
FE14 Elise Rod Knight Map Sprite.gif Elise Strategist Takumi Kiragi
FE14 Saizou Ninja Map Sprite.gif Saizo Master Ninja Beruka Asugi
FE14 Kagerou Ninja Map Sprite.gif Kagero Mechanist Jakob Dwyer
FE14 Asama Priest Map Sprite.gif Azama Great Master Effie Mitama
FE14 Setsuna Bowman Map Sprite.gif Setsuna Sniper Arthur Percy
FE14 Oboro Lance Fighter Map Sprite.gif Oboro Spear Master Niles Nina
FE14 Hinata Samurai Map Sprite.gif Hinata Master of Arms Peri Hisame
FE14 Kazahana Samurai Map Sprite.gif Hana Swordmaster Laslow Soleil
FE14 Tsubaki Pegasus Warrior Map Sprite.gif Subaki Falcon Knight Selena Caeldori
FE14 Rinkah Oni Savage Map Sprite.gif Rinkah Oni Chieftain Benny Ignatius
FE14 Orochi Spellcaster Map Sprite.gif Orochi Onmyoji
FE14 Tsukuyomi Spellcaster Map Sprite.gif Hayato Basara Nyx Rhajat
FE14 Nishiki Fox Spirit Map Sprite.gif Kaden Nine-Tails Charlotte Selkie
FE14 Yuugiri Golden-KIte Warrior Map Sprite.gif Reina Kinshi Knight
FE14 Lazwald Mercenary Map Sprite.gif Laslow Hero Hana Soleil
FE14 Pieri Cavalier Map Sprite.gif Peri Great Knight Hinata Hisame
FE14 Luna Mercenary Map Sprite.gif Selena Hero Subaki Caeldori
FE14 Belka Wyvern Rider Map Sprite.gif Beruka Wyvern Lord Saizo Asugi
FE14 Odin Dark Mage Map Sprite.gif Odin Sorcerer Felicia Ophelia
FE14 Zero Outlaw Map Sprite.gif Niles Adventurer Oboro Nina
FE14 Effie Knight Map Sprite.gif Effie General Azama Mitama
FE14 Arthur Fighter Map Sprite.gif Arthur Berserker Setsuna Percy
FE14 Nyx Dark Mage Map Sprite.gif Nyx Sorcerer Hayato Rhajat
FE14 Benoit Knight Map Sprite.gif Benny General Rinkah Ignatius
FE14 Charlotte Fighter Map Sprite.gif Charlotte Berserker Kaden Selkie
FE14 Flannel Garou Map Sprite.gif Keaton Wolfssegner Mozu Velouria
FE14 Flora Maid Map Sprite.gif Flora Maid
FE14 Gunter Great Knight Map Sprite.gif Gunter Great Knight
FE14 Fuuga Weapon Master Map Sprite.gif Fuga Master of Arms
FE14 Anna Outlaw Map Sprite.gif Anna Adventurer
FE14 Kanna (M) Nohr Prince Map Sprite.gif Kana Nohr Noble Heather Silas
FE14 Shigure Pegasus Warrior Map Sprite.gif Shigure Falcon Knight Azura Kaze
FE14 Deere Rod Knight Map Sprite.gif Dwyer Butler Kagero Jakob
FE14 Sophie Cavalier Map Sprite.gif Sophie Paladin Heather Silas
FE14 Midoriko Herb Merchant Map Sprite.gif Midori Merchant Azura Kaze
FE14 Shinonome Lance Fighter Map Sprite.gif Shiro Spear Master Camilla Ryoma
FE14 Kisaragi Archer Map Sprite.gif Kiragi Sniper Elise Takumi
FE14 Grey Ninja Map Sprite.gif Asugi Master Ninja Beruka Saizo
FE14 Kinu Kitsune Map Sprite.gif Selkie Nine-Tails Charlotte Kaden
FE14 Hisame Samurai Map Sprite.gif Hisame Swordmaster Peri Hinata
FE14 Mitama Shrine Maiden Map Sprite.gif Mitama Priestess Effie Azama
FE14 Matoi Pegasus Warrior Map Sprite.gif Caeldori Falcon Knight Selena Subaki
FE14 Rhajat Diviner Map Sprite.gif Rhajat Onmyoji Nyx Hayato
FE14 Siegbert Cavalier Map Sprite.gif Siegbert Paladin Hinoka Xander
FE14 Foleo Rod Knight Map Sprite.gif Forrest Strategist Sakura Leo
FE14 Ignis Knight Map Sprite.gif Ignatius General Rinkah Benny
FE14 Velour Garou Map Sprite.gif Velouria Wolfssegner Mozu Keaton
FE14 Lutz Wyvern Rider Map Sprite.gif Percy Wyvern Lord Setsuna Arthur
FE14 Ophelia Dark Mage Map Sprite.gif Ophelia Sorcerer Felicia Odin
FE14 Soleil Mercenary Map Sprite.gif Soleil Hero Hana Laslow
FE14 Eponine Outlaw Map Sprite.gif Nina Bow Knight Oboro Niles
FE14 Lucina Great Lord Map Sprite.gif Lucina* Great Lord
FE14 Marth Lodestar Map Sprite.gif Marth* Lodestar
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