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  • I live in England
  • I was born on August 18
  • My occupation is Author
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FEF:R First Gen. Units Edit

  • M.Corrin and Reina, with Dread Fighter F.Kana. M.Corrin has the fatal flaw of not being able to marry anyone without missing out on a child unit, so I tend to marry Reina or Flora most of the time. Reina is overall better, as she provides some good Strength and Speed modifiers, though she lacks in most other areas. I use this to make Kana a decent Dread Fighter, able to dodge and hit well, though she acts like a glass cannon in terms of stats.
  • F.Corrin and Shura, with Adventurer M.Kana. F.Corrin doesn't have M.Corrin's fatal flaw, though I still tend to marry Shura or Fuga, despite their bad modifiers; Shura is my personal favourite, as he offers some good pair-up bonuses for my Corrin, with Speed and Resistance boosts alongside Movement +1. Kana, however, tends to lack in Strength, with a boost in Magic, Speed and Resistance; this makes him a decent utility unit, especially as an Adventurer where he can be a decent Rescue staff user.
  • Jakob and Kagero, with Master Ninja Dwyer. One of the units that you can be tricked into marrying wrongly is Jakob; he starts in the Troubadour classline, though he has very little Magic potential and instead very good Strength potential. This means that it's best to marry him with either Charlotte (for raw power) or Kagero (offers more bonuses); Charlotte offers some good Skill and Speed bonuses, though damages his defenses. Kagero provides better modifiers, growths and classes, and Master Ninja is just a good all-around class.
  • (1) Takumi and Azura, with Sniper Kiragi.
  • (2) Takumi and Azura, with Falcon Knight Shigure.
  • Silas and Oboro, with Hero Sophie.
  • Kaze and Selena, with Master Ninja Midori.
  • Xander and Charlotte, with Berserker Siegbert.
  • Leo and Sakura, with Onmyoji Forrest.
  • Benny and Rinkah, with General Ignatius.
  • Keaton and Effie, with Wolfssegner Velouria.
  • Arthur and Peri, with Hero Percy.
  • Odin and Elise, with Witch Ophelia.
  • Laslow and Hana, with Swordmaster Soleil.
  • Niles and Beruka, with Adventurer Nina.
  • Ryoma and Camilla, with Wyvern Lord Shiro.
  • Saizo and Orochi, with Basara Asugi.
  • Kaden and Mozu, with Nine-Tails Selkie.
  • Hinata and Setsuna, with Blacksmith Hisame.
  • Azama and Felicia, with Strategist Mitama.
  • Subaki and Hinoka, with Spear Master Caeldori.
  • Hayato and Nyx, with Witch Rhajat.
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