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This would be my Fan Character:

GAME: Fire Emblem: Awakening

CHAPTER: Paralogue 24: The Red Lion (Because this character is a descendant of Roy)

NAME: Raymond

CLASS: Great Lord

RECRUITMENT:Ally, Talk with Chrom or the Avatar (Will move toward whoever is closer)


Level: 1

Hp: 68

Strength: 53 (Max 70)

Magic: 53 (Max 70)

Skill: 43 (Max 60)

Speed: 40 (Max 60)

Luck: 34 (Max 51)

Defense: 45 (Max 65)

Resistance: 45 (Max 65)

SKILLS: Counter, Dual Strike+, Charm, Aether, Rightful King

Weapon Ranks: Sword: A, Lance (weapon): A

Movement: 6


HP: 120%

Strength: 100%

Magic: 100%

Skill: 100%

Speed: 100%

Luck: 100%

Defense: 100%

Resistance: 100%


Sword of Seals

Sword of Seals Weapon Stats:

Sword Rank: A

Might: 25*

Hit: 100

Crit: 70

Range: 1-2

Effective Against: Grima

Uses: Infinite

*attack damage dealt is based on both the user's strength and magic for both ranged and melee attacks.

Description: Raymond only. Ignores Dragonskin's ability to negate Counter.


Raymond is the best unit you could possibly get from any prologue, and perhaps the best playable unit in the game. He is also the third great lord, so his skill set is also very good, not to mention that he has the highest crit rate in the game, as well as the highest avoid (most enemies will be unable to hit him), and if enemies do hit him, they most likely will not do any damage due to his sky-high defense and resistance. His balance growth rates mean that he will be versatile in taking down any unit, even those with high resistance or defense.

Paralogue 24 Script/ Raymond vs Grima Script Edit

Start of Chapter Edit

Chrom: So this is the place where one of our scouts told us a bandit leader named Garrick was demanding a ransom from me.

Frederick: Yes milord. He is apparently holding an entire village hostage. He claims you almost killed him at Southtown, and wont let you kill him again.

Chrom: Avatar, lets devise a strategy on how we can free these villagers.

Avatar: Got that. We should try to minimize innocent casualties, thought it will be hard...

Garrick: Hey you, prince! Wanna see these piglets freed?

Chrom: As long as fighting is not involved.

Garrick: Then bring me the fire emblem!

Chrom: I would say no.

Garrick: Then I shall have the hostages killed!

Chrom: We wont let you!

Start of Player Turn 1 Edit

Bandit: Alright, brothers! Let the fun begin!

(Raymond frees the villagers)

Bandit: Hey! Where did all the hostages go?

???: You will not find them here. Instead you will find me, and I was not one of the hostages.

Bandit: Well, at least we have a boy to kill.

Raymond: I am not going down without a fight!

(Raymond kills a bandit with a critical hit)

Bandit: Bro-thers... re-treat... aaugh...

Raymond: Hmph, well, I overheard that prince Chrom rejected a ransom offer, and is fighting these bandits now, so I guess I could talk to him, or Avatar, because I know that Grima threatens the world, so I will join the shepherds.

Recruitment Dialogue Edit

With Chrom Edit

Raymond: Prince Chrom! Let me tell you something about the hostages.

Chrom: What is your name, young man? And what do you have to say about the hostages?

Raymond: I am Raymond, descendant of Roy, the Red Lion of Pherae. And I am glad to tell you that I freed the hostages behind the backs of those bandits.

Chrom: Descendant of the red lion of Pherae himself? Then how can you back it up?

Raymond: I have the same colored hair as him, and his weapon, the Sword of Seals. Perhaps we could talk about it more when the fighting is over?

Chrom: Sure. Also, could you perhaps join us in fighting these bandits?

Raymond: I would be honored: its a yes.

With Avatar Edit

Raymond: Hey, are you a soldier in Chrom's army?

Avatar: Yes. I am actually Chrom's Tactician.

Raymond: So you are a tactician who likes to get a piece of the action as well?

Avatar: Exactly. But why are you asking me these questions?

Raymond: I am seeking to join the shepherds because I want to join the fight against Grima. And if you ask me whether the hostages are still being held inside the bandit's fortress, I freed them.

Avatar: Joining us would be most welcome, and I thank you for freeing the hostages, but first, I need to ask you a question. Can you explain the cause of a huge explosion that I saw at the bandit's fortress?

Raymond: That was just me. I was taking out some bandits that stood in my way.

Avatar: Then you are strong indeed! If you want to join the shepherds, do so!

Vs Garrick Edit

Garrick: 'Ay you! Why did you let those hostages free?

Raymond: You threatened to KILL them! And because I have seen you kill hostages before, this will be the last time YOU threaten to kill these villagers!

End of chapter Edit

Raymond: Alright then, Prince Chrom. I will tell you why I made that claim to being a descendant of Roy. I am an actual descendant of him, because my grandfather was forced to flee from Elibe after bandits attempted to capture him and his mother, and they took the Sword of Seals with them. In his place, my great uncle ruled Pherae, and his grandson no doubt rules Pherae today. The Sword of Seals was passed down to me from my grandfather.

Chrom: Alright then. That is proof enough.

Frederick: Raymond will no doubt be a strong shepherd. If he can obliterate the strongest group of bandits we have faced, then he will be needed in the battle against Grima.

Chrom: That's good. He indeed can be of use against Grima, not to mention that in the Elibian legends, the sword of seals, the blade Raymond wields, was effective against dragons, even Idenn, the dark dragon. So the final battle with Grima will definitely be easier.

Raymond Vs Grima Edit

Raymond: Fell Dragon Grima, I will kill you!


Raymond: Oh I will try you all right.

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