Not sure how many other wikis I've been on before this one, but it's a fair number.

I haven't actually played ANY of the Fire Emblems on their native console, but I have 3, 4, and the three GBA games on an emulator. So far, 3 and 6 are the only ones I haven't beaten.

Soon, userboxes. After that, I'm going to put up my thoughts on various units throughout the five games I've got, and then I'll try writing some walkthroughs.


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Lord Rankings as I see it...Edit

I'm going to rank the Lords based on my opinion from the GBA Fire Emblem Games plus FE4. However, I'm only using Sigurd, because he seems to be better than Celice, for some reason.

Finally, I'll be using translations that I'm familiar with, which often aren't the official ones.


Best: Lyn (speed over power, every time)
2nd: Hector (sheer badass)
3rd: Ephraim (Though Eirika did much better than him, once)

Worst: Roy (He starts out horribly, and his Str growth isn't too great. Speed, Luck, and even Skill are perfectly fine, though.) 2nd: Eliwood. (After promotion, he's ten times better -- for me, at least.)

That leaves Eirika at #4 best, or #3 worst.


Best: Hector (while speed trumps power, Hector promoted has a great deal of the latter, and a decent bit of the former)
2nd: Eirika (normally, I'd say Lyn, but Eirika + Sieglinde = terrifying, since she normally maxes out all stats)
3rd: Lyn (skill and speed almost as good as Eirika, plus she can use Bows)
4th: Sigurd (he's a total fcking beast, even without the Tyrfing)
5th: Roy (he's not too bad this time around, it just sucks that all his caps minus Luck are 25. he did max 'em all out for me, though...)
6th: Eliwood (basically the same as Ephraim, but he's always turned out better once promoted. Plus, he can use Swords, instead of just lances)
Worst: Ephraim (it's not that he's bad, but everyone else outshines him. And he's slow for a Promoted Lord, and while somewhat strong, he needs Sigurd or Hector power to make him as good as his sister)

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