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  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is Student
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What happened to them now?Edit

Some people have been bugged (I think) on what happened to the characters in FE7 as of FE6, so I decided to try and guess what happened to them.

Legend: DA = Definitely Alive, PA = Probably Alive, NWoT = No Way of Telling, PD = Probably Deceased, MLD = Most Likely Deceased, DD = Definitely Deceased

P.S. I also added (custom) last names just for fun. Although, Saceans are not subject to this as they are tribesmen.

Tactician - NWoT

Lyn(dis Licena) of the Lorca - If she returned to the plains, PD; If paired with Rath, MLD; If with Hector, DD; With Eliwood, PA

Sain Vermillion - PA (especially if paired with Rebecca)

Kent Chartreuse - If paired with Fiora or Farina, PA; otherwise, PD

Florina Skylark - If paired with Hector, DD; Otherwise, PA

Wil Durness - PA (if paired with Rebecca); Otherwise, PD

Dorcas Zallege - PA

Bartre Ceurago - DA

Serra Cinatorna - MLD (perhaps unless paired with Erk)

Erk Tolive - NWoT

Rath of the Kutolah - MLD

Matthew O' Brien - MLD

Nils Burizado - NWoT

Lucius Luminesque - MLD

Wallace Protes - MLD (especially concerning his age)

Eliwood Valoriam - DA

Marcus Oifaye - DA

Lowen Culinarus - PA

Rebecca Kariudo - PA

Hector Braveheart - DD

Oswin Sigae - MLD

Guy of the Kutolah - MLD (In the invasion of Sacae, or perhaps a duel with Karel)

Merlinus Tradus III - DA

Priscilla Cornwell - NWoT

Raven Cornwell - MLD

Canas Eclipsus - DD

Dart Davros - PA (either his pairing with Farina or in his 'default ending', concerning Pherae)

Fiora Skylark - PA

Legault Ventus - if 'paired' with Isadora, MLD; Otherwise, PA

Ninian Burizado - if 'paired' with Eliwood, DD; Otherwise, NWoT

Isadora Binitoly - NWoT; if 'paired' with Legault, MLD; with Renault, PA

Heath Erfield - if 'paired' with Vaida, MLD; otherwise, PA

Hawkeye Arsaha - MLD

Geitz Detarr - NWoT

Pent Reglay - DA (as revealed in an Support Conversation between Dieck and Klein)

Louise Reglay - DA

Karel Korosu - DA

Harken Dentirompe - PA

Nino Reed - PA

Jaffar Angelus - PA

Vaida Thawfurl - MLD

Renault Modus - PA

Athos - DD

Farina Skylark - If paired with Hector, DD; Otherwise, PA

Karla Korosu - DD

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