Welcome to my profile page.

I can't say much about myself but I will tell you about some of my Fire Emblem experiences. I mostly work on editing Three Houses related content but also it's my most played game on the Switch With 710+ hours and counting. My main goal right now in the game is to have every one of my units master all classes and skills, Even the route exclusive units plus the dlc units and classes. That is all I have to say about myself. I also work on Heroes related content such as adding missing images for skills and missing stat pools for certain units in order for the wiki to stay up to date with the content that is frequently coming. In the near future, I will also work on adding Warriors related content since the wiki only has scarce information, especially with the scripts and chapter pages. I also upload character audio files as well.

Here are the solo runs I have done so far in in Three Houses in the order I have done first:

The following solo runs are in progress:

Here are the solo runs I'm considering to do in the future:

The following non-solo runs are considered:

My highlight builds[edit | edit source]

"Coming Soon!"

solo run builds[edit | edit source]

"Coming Soon!"

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