Hello Everybody, I am the Wyvern Lord. I live in Ontario, Canada, so I send my greetings to any members of this wiki in the GTA. I am a music lover, composer, and musician. I play trumpet and piano, I'm picking up guitar, and I used to play violin. In terms of gaming, am a fan of Nintendo in general, but my main interests are the Super Smash Bros. series and Fire Emblem. I have played all games from Fire Emblem: Binding Blade through to the new Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (although I have yet to beat FE10, don't worry I'm on the boss fight), so I have some experience with the games. I will say that I am not a champion of the games either though, but I manage to make my way through:).I also have a couple Zelda games, the New Play Control! Pikmin and I have Metroid Prime Trilogy, which I am enjoying. I don't have any real favourite among the FE games, as FE is a great series in the first place (heh heh). I figured I would put up something up here for you to read if you stumbled across my page, so again, greetings.

As you may have guessed, wyvern lords are one of my favourite classes to use and train. They are powerful, have strong defense, most of the ones I have used have maxed HP, skill, strength, and speed at one time or other. Not to mention they also FLY and ride DRAGONS for crying out loud. How great does that get?

I also know many random facts, so if you're interested in them I will have a random fact of the month for you to view (see below)

Random Fact of the MonthEdit

This month's random fact is:

Isaac Asimov unwittingly coined the term "robotics", taking the ending of mechanics and applying it to the previously extant term "robot". Robot itself is a term derived from the Czech/Slavic term robota, meaning roughly hard work or menial labour.

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