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Maddening Golden Deer Thoughts

Doing NG+ with Golden Deer, using the entire Golden Deer roster as well as a couple of bonus units.

  • Contrary to what a lot of video guides say, having one thief is extremely useful, with many items that are specifically only available when stolen off enemy bosses. Leonie has the best speed growth, making her a good contender, but anyone who reaches the appropriate speed levels can fill this role.
  • On Chapter 13, Claude and Byleth will be by themselves, facing hordes of sword users. Getting Claude Alert Stance+ and Swordbreaker is a very good way to keep him alive. Also consider Defiant Avoid maybe?
  • Without Dedue, it is much harder to find a unit with sufficient defense to grind like I did in Blue Lions. However with professor level maxed right…

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Maddening NG Blue Lions Thoughts

  • 1 General Tips
  • 2 On Grinding
  • 3 Recruitment
  • 4 Balancing Professor Level training with my objectives
  • 5 Lectures and Goals
  • 6 Character Progression
  • 7 Chapter Rundown

  • Exp growth is greatly reduced. Always try to have Byleth adjacent to the unit getting exp, particularly for the killing blow.
  • Give a bow to every physical fighter. Some guides recommend giving a bow to every person, period, but I think I can trade them around if my mages really need them.
  • Healing exp is not nerfed, unlike other exp. Get as many people as possible Faith D for heal. 
  • Every physical fighter will master Brigand and Archer if they have the time. Physical female fighters will try to master Pegasus. Every mage will master Fiendish Blow. No other beginner class is worth the seals or time …

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Birthright Adult Run


Hoshido characters seem to focus exclusively on offense. It makes sense to make the Avatar defensively minded, so I made him a knight. He should pick up Pavise and replicate to provide good coverage for the team. He could marry Scarlet and also grab rally defense to further boost his role as a defensive unit. Armored Blow and Luna are both good, of course.

Azura (Support):

Azura has solid strength and luck, together with incredible skill and speed. Her caps for each are highly generous. However, her defenses are paper-thin. Azura could make one hell of an offensive unit, but her class sets don't help in this regard at all, with the utility-focused Pegasus line being her secondary class set and Sakura's shrine maiden set being her only…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 10 October 2017

Nohr Adult Run


My particular avatar has oni savage as a secondary and has married Anna. I just really want Anna to have Salvage Blow. 

The other good option for future runs include Spear Fighter, which is the *only* other class which grants classes not normally available through friendship or partner seals. Spear Fighter (or Diviner) also gains access to Quixotic, which is an extremely good skill in conjunction with Nohrian Trust.

With Quixotic and Nohrian Trust, the Avatar should pair with someone who has access to many activated skills. In Nohr mode, available activated skills include: Astra, Rend Heaven, Lethality, Aegis, Pavise, Luna, Sol, Vengeance, Toxic Brew, Aether, Opportunity Shot, and Ignis. The Avatar can grab 4 of these and their partne…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 8 January 2017

Experience Grinding Guide for FE: Conquest

You're playing Conquest, and you understand that the game has limited time to gain experience. You could either choose to use some characters and ditch the rest in the interests of keeping your team competitive and alive through the chapters...or you can grind out every last drop of exp this game has to offer. This guide shows how to do the latter: how to optimize experience grinding, the best maps to experience grind on, and the best way to make sure your team can handle whatever Conquest throws at you.

For some this guide totally defeats the purpose of Nohr mode, which is supposed to be a game of limited resources and challenge. That's a legitimate viewpoint and I won't contest it; feel free to stop reading. This guide is meant for either…

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