aka Lemon Muzk

Discussions Moderator
  • I live in Washington U.S
  • I was born on July 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio I am part of three Wikis:
    -Fire Emblem

    When I work on wikis, I generally do work with links and formatting

    I’m not a Mega Man main

    I’m a Content Mod and a Discussions Mod for the Smash Bros Wiki

    I’ve played all the smash games extensively, with my first smash game being Brawl. The three games I play on a competitive level are Ultimate, Project M (Plus), and 64.

    Main - Lucina

    Project M:
    Main - Roy
    Secondary - Marth

    Main - Pikachu
    Secondary - Captain Falcon

    I’m a discussions moderator for the Fire Embelm wiki. My favorite Fire Emblem game is Awakening with Echoes coming into a close second, and throw Sacred Stones into third. My favorite characters are Stahl, Gregor, Tharja, Alm, Python, Kamui, Eirika, and Franz

    I’m the Bureaucrat and Admin of Rimworld wiki
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  • Lemonz1974

    Hello people, I'm Lemonz1974 and I'd like to request to be promoted to admin. I've been following the discussions for a long while, and I've been a discussions moderator for a bit too. Now that I have my computer and have been making edits again, I've felt that now is an appropriate time to make this post (partially because I couldn't really do so on mobile). As a moderator, I feel as though my tools for helping the wiki are there, but limited. If I want to punish somebody for doing something stupid, I'd have to go on an admin's talk page and request it, which is a process than neither I, or the other staff seem to enjoy. I know that many people can speak for my good intentions for Fandom sites, and my devotion has been shown through my ef…

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