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  • Nauibotics

    Hello FE Wiki readers and possibly/probably Heroes fans! It is I, Naui, one of your admins of FE Wiki!. In a year since the last time I made I FEH related blog post I am back because...well...something needs addressing here.

    Now I speak no hyperbole that FEH has not had a perfect run and somewhere...I feel like we have trekked down this path before. Oh right, I made a blog post about this almost a year ago. You know, when IS decided to rip out the entire Book I roster, which was met with some lukewarm skepticism. I for one disliked it since it removed the collectability of the game since now I had to hope to be pity broken on a non-new/seasonal banner or wait for a specific revival banner for them to return. To be fair however, it did make su…

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  • Nauibotics

    Hey everyone! Today is April 4th, 2019 and the latest Feh Channel was released today and there is one thing in the video that warrants a discussion. The relationship between Intelligent Studio's decisions for the game and the reactions and feelings of its devoted fanbase.

    Let's dive right into this!

    As Heroes makes its way through its third year, things have gone smoothly for the most part. The sheer amount of content produced over two years has shown with numerous unique units, fun game modes. It is also a dream game that allows you to build teams of all of your favorite characters across the franchise. Dream Team ups that were never possible outside of ROM Hacks now come together in this game. All in all, the game has not been perfect, but…

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  • Nauibotics

    Heroes Wishlist

    February 20, 2019 by Nauibotics

    Hello folks, we are currently two months into Book III and already we have received the biggest blessing possible with the introduction of Beast Units, finally allowing us to have many long desired characters added to the game. With that in mind, these are the 5 characters from each game that I want the most to appear in Heroes.

    I will not do any picks from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, or Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade since I have never played those three games so I cannot form an opinion on characters I've never actually used. I am lumping together the entire Archanea saga as the games share most of the cast. As for Tellius, I am picking 5 Beorc characters and 5 Laguz characters since now that we have …

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  • Nauibotics

    Hello everyone. With today's release date announcement, we are merely 5 months away from the sixteenth installment. With this, I have officially played 9 titles with Three Houses being my tenth main series title. I thought I'd go back in time and relive my memories of all 9 games I've officially played and share my thoughts on each.

    More or less, I owe Super Smash Bros. Melee for introducing me to the franchise and also Advance Wars for getting me into tactical RPGs in general. Fire Emblem Blazing Blade is my first Fire Emblem game and needless to say I was hooked in thanks to a very great Tutorial story that nicely introduces every mechanic in the game while also having a half decent story. Lyn is always going to have special place in my memories…

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  • Nauibotics

    Heroes Impressions

    March 24, 2017 by Nauibotics

    I have been playing Heroes for sometime now and amassed a pretty decent army at this point. Based on the ones I have recruited and have at 5-stars, I have somewhat of an extensive knowledge of how the units in the game function and their usability in PvP modes.

    For some context, I am a F2P player who mostly skates around Tiers 18-19 depending on the week, but I do sometimes get into Tier 20 if I am lucky. The opinions of the characters below are in mind of a person looking for a more casual experience in the Arenas. Tier 17-18 are mostly casual Arena goers with a very diverse cast of characters of all types utilized in these tiers rather than Armor/Dragon Whales seen in 19-Crown tiers.

    This blog is updated usually every other week so feel fr…

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