This was originally a comment on that voting thing, which has been going on for a while, without getting anywhere (for every vote one way, there seems to be another vote the other way. Nether side seems to ever have the lead for very long.)

First things first, the important stuff: When should we actually finish this? We can't really let the vote go on forever.

Second, the comment itself: OK, I'll come out and admit, I only want to cover the first game. The second game seems to have very little info on it, and what info there is seems to point to it being much more original, while the first game, from what I can see, is FE (or at least preGBA FE) in everything but name, and I am personally surprised that Nintendo didn't actually win the lawsuit. Some of my observations:

  • Most of the classes are comparable, if not out right the same thing with a slightly different name or even the exact same name (see the class list, with each class that has a FE counterpart is linked to it).
  • It seems to hit on several of the character archetypes (I saw a Cain and Abel pair and a Gharnef/Manfroy expy just by a very quick and impatient look over the lots of characters).
  • Key terms seem to be word swaps of FE terms (for example, replace every Emiyu with Manakete and every transforming ring with a Dragonstone).
  • Gameplay is noted to be very close to Thracia 776 and Gaiden.
  • While my knowledge of the plot is limited, it seems very close to FE1/FE4. (For example, the plot has the familiar "evil dragon backed empire invades country, prince takes refuge elsewhere, builds up forces to save land" thing that also serves as the plot of FE1, and final boss Gerxel seems to be a fusion of Medeus and Loputousu in terms of role and backstory)

If any of these observations are any bit inaccurate or just flat out wrong, feel free to tell me so I may correct myself. Like I mention, I only have a very loose knowledge of TRS. Also, be sure to answer that first question too. Thank you for your time.--Otherarrow 14:27, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

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