Edit warring[edit source]

I'm not sure why you have developed this apparent antagonism towards me over the tables on 3H country pages, but it has devolved into edit warring and I must ask you to stop before it becomes disruptive.

I do not understand why you insist on removing the tables of noble houses and trying to place them on a separate page when there is no need to do so, and the noble house pages you created did not contain any new information. You should be aware that I previously spoke with the admins about the possibility of individual pages for each noble family, but this idea was specifically rejected. In their words: "As for separate pages for the Noble Houses...that is open to a LOT of interpretation. If it is majorly integral to the plot, then yes, feel free to talk about them, especially if there is extensive history. If it's a minor detail that can be summed up in three paragraphs or less, you can just mention it on the Kingdom Page or the relevant character's page if there is a more personal connection to the stories." From what I've seen so far, none of the noble families have sufficient info to deserve their own pages, and at this time, their content can easily be included on the relevant location and character pages.

I also do not understand why you continue changing the layout of the country pages as if this was Wikipedia; there's very scant information about subjects such as geography and each country's military, and not enough in my opinion to justify separate sections within the articles for them. Other country articles at this wiki, such as Grannvale, use a simplified layout because they also lack in-depth information on those subjects, and that layout should be used as a guide to ensure a consistency among content presentation at this wiki. Spinning out single sentences into separate sections does not benefit the page when the generalized "Profile" section can still cover the same info.

Rather than get upset with me over undoing your changes, I wish you had opened a discussion. We both want to make constructive additions to this wiki, so we don't need to be working at odds. Clockpuncher (talk) 21:06, August 2, 2019 (UTC)

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