Re: Silque[edit source]

No, I'm referring to Echoes. From Act 2 in Echoes (in Gaiden, Celica has no special dialogue with Silque):

  • Celica: Wait a second… Silque? Is that you?
  • Silque: Ah! Sister Celica! Fate is indeed strange, that it would have us meet in this place.
  • Celica: We haven’t heard from you since you left the priory on Novis. We were all worried sick.
  • Silque: That was never my intent. Forgive me. But I aim to play my part here, no matter the cost. And I see I’m not the only sister to have flown the nest. Set a course by your own star, Celica, and never stray from it. May you walk always in the light of Mila’s blessing.

If Celica had asked Silque to deliver Mila's Turnwheel to Alm, she has no reason to be surprised to find Silque near Ram Village. Furthermore, it would make sense for Silque to be able to join Celica's party had Celica asked her to deliver the Turnwheel to Alm, yet she doesn't. Furthermore, the Turnwheel is stated to have the power to bestow visions that the Mother wishes for the Turnwheel's owner to see, so Mila could have given Silque a vision without Silque ever meeting her in-person. --DQ13 ~ Talk :: Blog 20:21, September 11, 2017 (UTC)

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