General QuotesEdit

Recruitment ConversationEdit

“Oh ho! Look who the cat dragged in! I'm Valbar, by the way. You really saved my bacon back there. And since that dastard Barth is dead, my family can finally rest... *sniffle* ...Er, right. Sorry, got a little emotional there for a second. So hey, is there anything I can do for you? I'll be honest—I'm not good at much besides crackin' skulls. But if you NEED skulls cracked, I'm your man! What do you say?”
—Valbar's recruitment conversation

Level Up QuotesEdit

  • "Heh. Is anyone really surprised?" (2+ stats up, HP, Attack or Defense focused)
  • "All brawn and no brains won't take you far." (2+ stats up, Skill or Speed focused)
  • "You know, I feel kinda lucky today." (2+ stats up, Luck or Resistance focused)
  • "Was, uh...something supposed to happen just now?" (1 stat up)
  • "A guy can't get too greedy, right?" (Max stats)

Class ChangeEdit

  • "You got it, Mila. I'm on the job."

Summary ScreenEdit

  • "Their mistake was going up against me!" (Easy victory)
  • "I'm sorry I... couldn't protect you." (An ally dies)

Final Map QuoteEdit

“Foisting your way on the world by force? You're no better than pirates. And it just so happens I don't take kindly to pirates!”
—Valbar's final map quote in Shadows of Valentia

Battle QuotesEdit

When SelectedEdit

  • "Leave it to me." (Full/High health)
  • "Still in this." (Medium health)
  • "This could get ugly..." (Low health)

Upon Being HealedEdit

  • "Hey, thanks!"

Used Healing ItemEdit

  • "Blegh! People eat this stuff?" (Disliked)
  • "Can't be picky on the battlefield." (Neutral)
  • "That hits the spot." (Liked)
  • "Mmm! Now that's a treat!" (Loved)

Enemy DodgesEdit

  • "Agh...Got sloppy!"

Enemy Deals 1 or No DamageEdit

  • "Don't hold back now."
  • "Won't work on me!


  • "Time to pay!"
  • "Have a taste of this!"
  • "Made your peace?"
  • "Say goodnight!"

Finishing BlowEdit

  • "How's this?"

Enemy DefeatedEdit

  • "Troublemakers answer to me!"
  • "Heheheheh...Sheesh."
  • sighs
  • "I'm your shield."
  • "Gonna take more than that!"
  • "See? Am I good or what?"
  • grunts

Nearby Ally Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Hey, that looked like fun!"
  • "Lookin' good, buddy!" (If Leon defeated an enemy)

Nearby Ally Below Half HealthEdit

  • "You probably wanna heal that soon."

Death/Retreat QuotesEdit

“I feel the fighting spirit...leaving me... The wait's over, everyone... I'm coming home...”
—Valbar's death quote in Classic Mode
“Yowch... This looks pretty bad. Sorry, but I've got to retreat. It's up to you guys now.”
—-Valbar's retreat quote in Casual Mode

Base ConversationsEdit

First Conversation
"Hey there, Priestess. How you holding up? If there's anything I can do to help, just say the word. I'm serious! No need to hold back. I owe you my life, after all. Gives me chills to think how I could have died before getting revenge. My family owes you as well, so it's up to me to pay you back on their behalf."
Second Conversation
"My family and I used to live in a little village by the sea. It was my parents, my little sister and brother, my wife, our son, and me. I always was pretty strong, ever since I was a wee lad. Figured if I joined the army, that’d make life easier for the family. But then I wasn’t there to defend them when pirates raided. Damned ironic… …Hmm? Oh, thanks, but there’s no need to worry about me. Can’t spend the rest of my life standing around crying."
Third Conversation
"Guess our little trip ends once we get to the tower. It wound up being a lot more than just a stroll to the Temple of Mila. Anyway…thanks for everything. I’m glad I got the chance to travel with you. I never thought about what I’d do after Barth, but you gave me purpose. That’s a princess for you, I guess! Heh heh. You and your friends are a great group. It’s been fun. Thanks for letting me see it through to the end."
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