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“Human bonds are leaves in the wind. They offer you nothing.”

Validar (Valldar in the non-English European versions) is an enemy character and the secondary antagonist in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Validar is the father of Robin and grandfather of Morgan. He can be the grandfather of any potential future children.


Validar is the leader of the Grimleal, the religious sect worshiping Grima in Plegia, and is trying to expand Plegia by force. Validar's main goal is to resurrect Grima as his forefathers had tried, albeit unsuccessfully. Like his forefathers, Validar was born in hopes of being a suitable vessel but, also like them, he too was unworthy. Eventually, Validar had a relationship with an unknown woman, presumably to continue Grima's lineage. This ultimately accumulated in the birth of a child who finally had the Heart of Grima symbolized by the Mark of Grima on their right hand. However, fearing for her child's future, the woman took the baby and left Plegia to protect them. Validar spent many years afterwards searching in vain for his child.

At some point before the events of Awakening, Validar found an ordinary village girl who possessed a special power. Wanting to use this power for himself, he brainwashed the girl into making her think that he saved her from the slums. The girl's name eventually changed to Aversa. To ensure his spell would not waver over her, Validar had the village destroyed and killed anyone who had connections to her.

The night after Gangrel declared war between Plegia and Ylisse, Validar led several Grimleal members (and hired Gaius) in an assassination attempt on the Exalt Emmeryn. However, "Marth" warned Chrom and Lissa of the attempt and they managed to rally the Shepherds to defend her. Gaius changed sides after learning the true intention of breaking into the castle. Validar also spotted his child during the attack, and was delighted to see them again. However, it appeared to be short-lived as he was slain, though his identity was never revealed and he was assumed to be an assassin sent by Gangrel.

Validar found himself in the dark void where he was greeted by an entity who was preventing him from truly dying. Validar recognized the entity as the Fell Dragon Grima. Grima kept Validar alive in the void until Gangrel's supposed death, and returned him to the human world.

With Gangrel's death, Validar took the throne of Plegia and became its new king. Two years after the war, Chrom was forced to come to Plegia to speak with the new king regarding the Valmese invasion. Validar allowed Chrom to take all the funding and ships he needed, but does not give him any soldiers, claiming that his country is still under disarray. He also introduces his hierophant, a mysterious hooded figure who, upon taking off their hood, matches Robin in appearance. However, with their business done, and not wanting to stay any longer, Chrom and Robin leave. That night, Validar appears to Robin in a vision and reveals that he is their father, but does not stay too long as Chrom appears after their conversation. He also sends a group of Risen to kill the group and capture Robin, but his attempt fails.

After Walhart's defeat, Validar hears of Chrom's search for the final gem for the Fire Emblem and sends word for him to come to Plegia so he can formally present the last gem. However when Chrom and his army arrive, he betrays them and tries to steal the Emblem. Just as they are about to escape, Validar warps in, weakens Chrom, and controls Robin into making them give the Fire Emblem to him. After acquiring the Fire Emblem, Validar orders Algol to kill them, while warping away to the The Dragon's Table to start Grima's Awakening.

After defeating Aversa, who was sent by Vaildar to stall them, Chrom's army confront Validar at the Dragon's Table, Validar separates Chrom and Robin from the rest of their army to deal with them personally. After being defeated, he watches as Robin "kills" Chrom and relishes in delight, knowing that his plan has succeeded. He taunts Lucina about how the future is always set and will never change. Basilio appears and shocks Validar, as he thought that the Khan had died in his battle with Walhart. Basilio explains that because of Lucina's message, he decided to feign death and tells him that he carried his part of the plan while avoiding the spies he had placed to watch the army. Basilio also tells him that Robin had known of Validar's plan from a premonition and how the gems on the Fire Emblem were fakes. As Validar attempts to reign control of the situation, he is attacked by Robin and Chrom gets back on his feet and with his master plan ruined, decides to kill them all. After being defeated one last time, he asks Robin why they would squander their birthright to become Grima's vessel before dying for good.

Fire Emblem Warriors

In Fire Emblem Warriors, Validar is pulled into Aytolis, where he joins forces with Oskar, the king of Gristonne, as well as Gharnef and Iago. He leads a portion of the Gristonne forces and attempts to stop the Aytolisian royals, but is thwarted and driven back. Later, with the defeat of Velezark, he is returned to his own world.


Validar is a man fully devoted to his role as the leader of the Grimleal and one of the descendants of the Fellblood. As the leader of the Grimleal, he is extremely loyal to Grima and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his liege's resurrection, even at the cost of his own life. This fanatic loyalty of his has seen Validar committing acts of a grievously heinous nature, some of the more prominent including murder and brainwashing. Aversa is an unfortunate victim of his cunning schemes, having been kidnapped and brainwashed at a young age to serve Grima.

Validar appears to have no goals or desires of his own, aside from serving the ambitions of Grima. This is especially evident through his unfazed response to the knowledge that the Fell Dragon's resurrection will inevitably lead to his death. Validar's fanaticism is so great that he does not appear to understand why his child is unwilling to become Grima's vessel.

Because of his fanatic belief in the impeccably constructed nature of his "destiny", Validar is often overconfident when executing tasks for Grima. This proves to be an inherent flaw of his, as he has, time and again, made critical mistakes when the events that happen deviate from his foresight.

In Game

“A dark mage who wishes to be the architect of the world's end.”
—Help Description

Base Stats


Starting Class
FE13 Validar Sorcerer Map Sprite.gifSorcerer
WeaponStarting Items
TomeIconFE13.pngTome - BGimle tome dark.pngGrima's Truth

Chapter 6

Starting Class
FE13 Validar Sorcerer Map Sprite.gifSorcerer
WeaponStarting Items
TomeIconFE13.pngTome - DElfire FE13.pngElfire
Heal FE13 Icon.pngHeal*
*Dropped when defeated

Starting Class
FE13 Validar Sorcerer Map Sprite.gifSorcerer
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Crimsoncurse.pngAnathemaTomeIconFE13.pngTome - CElfire FE13.pngElfire
Heal FE13 Icon.pngHeal*
*Dropped when defeated

Starting Class
FE13 Validar Sorcerer Map Sprite.gifSorcerer
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Vengeance (FE13).pngVengeance
TomeIconFE13.pngTome - AArcfire FE13.pngArcfire
Heal FE13 Icon.png Heal*
*Dropped when defeated

Chapter 23

* - Dropped when defeated.


“Gya ha ha! Fools! Struggle all you want! You cannot unwrite what is already written!”
—Validar's pre-battle quote in the Premonition
“Emmeryn was supposed to be an easy target... You will pay for interfering in my designs!”
—Validar's pre-battle quote in Chapter 6
“Well, well... Ha, ha ha! Oh, I know you... Submit to me, and perhaps I might honor you with the truth!”
—Battle quote vs. Robin in Chapter 6
“Destiny is your master, one way or the other!”
—First battle quote in Chapter 23 (only viewable by using Mire)
“Rrgh... F-fools... Destiny!”
—Second battle quote in Chapter 23
“Gya ha ha! You can't escape it! That's why it's called destiny!”
—Validar's victory quote after killing Chrom in the Premonition
“Heh heh heh... GYA HA HA HA!”
—Validar's victory quote after killing Robin in the Premonition
“You cannot undo what is already done! Now, then! Surrender to your doom!”
—Validar's battle quote in Fire Emblem Warriors

Chapter 23

Vs. Chrom First Battle

  • Validar: Heh ha, are you so eager to meet your end, little Prince? You WILL die here. Your future is already written.
  • Chrom: I tell you again: I make my own future. And it's one you'll not live to see!

Vs. Robin First Battle

  • Validar: Robin, why insist on these games? You only delay the inevitable. And besides, the alternative? Have you considered what happens should I fall? These followers of Naga will spurn you now that they've learned what you are. Kill me, and incur the wrath of the Grimleal as well... Would you truly choose to be so utterly alone?
  • Robin: ......
  • Validar: Humans are weak, pathetic creatures... Your "bonds" with them will bind you. You are destined for a greater purpose! The GREATEST purpose! You are to be a GOD!
  • Robin: ...Not your god—not today.

Vs. Lucina Second Battle

  • Lucina: Die, Validar!
  • Validar: Impudent meddler! You have failed to change the future at every turn. What makes you think this time will be different?!
  • Lucina: Perhaps it won't... But either way, it's no reason to spare your miserable life!

Critical/Skill Quotes

Attack Grunts

Damaged By Player

Death/Defeat Quotes

What have you...?!”
—Validar's Death Voice Clip
“No... This is...all wrong... How have known the plan...”
—Validar's Death Quote in Chapter 6
“Heh heh... Even this...was meant to be...”
—Validar's Defeat Quote in Chapter 23
“No...nngh! All...wrong..”
—Validar's Death Quote in Chapter 23

Non-Canon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Series

Validar appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in the 3DS version as a collectible trophy. His trophy resembles his official art for Fire Emblem Awakening and the glowing circle bears the same pattern as the Warp Powder that the Black Knight uses and subsequently, the warp that Ike and Marth use in their Super Smash Bros. Brawl appearances.

3DS Trophy Info

Type Image Description
Validar ValidarTrophy3DS.png Validar is the leader of the Grimleal, the religious sect dedicated to the Fell Dragon, Grima. Their goal is to resurrect their fallen master, and Validar himself practices Dark magic. In one possible timeline, he uses his own child as a vessel in a spell to resurrect Grima. Fire Emblem Awakening follows a different timeline.

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)

Validar is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards:

Choose Your Legends Placement History

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 385
CYL2 496
CYL3 saw the transition to different counting mechanisms involving versions of characters and ties, so change measured between CYL2 and CYL3 shouldn't be taken at face value.
CYL3 390
CYL4 416
CYL5 371

CYL6 370



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