“Blah blah, 'I want to be an adventurer,' blah blah blah. It's time you learned what real work is. Girl, bring out my old sword and armor so I can give them to my son. It's time you stopped playing archer and took up a real weapon for once. If you're going to be the Lord of Granada, then you're going to damn look the part. Shigen, make him change clothes.”

Vals (ヴァルス Varusu) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the admiral and leader of Granada, as well as the father of Holmes. He is also a womanizer who has many mistresses, as well as a large number of children, one of whom is revealed to be Attrom. He uses the pseudonym Als (アルス Arusu, fan translated as Valentinius) when he is womanizing. Like his close friend, Duke Glamdr of Razelia, Vals is one of the Twelve Heroes who fought in the Leda Liberation War.


After many of the soldiers in Reeve's army were defeated by the Zoans on Il Island, Vals and Glamdr were sent there. The two of them took the Zoans and their leader, Yoda, into custody and pleaded for the king of Reeve to grant freedom to them. As a result, Yoda befriended both Vals and Glamdr.

Vals was once married to Liza, who left him after five years. He never told their son, Holmes, about her reasons for leaving. It is revealed that he gave the name "Shigen" to Theo. During the reborn Zoa Empire's invasion of Granada, he received a grave wound while buying time for Holmes's crew to escape. Afterwards, he hid in a town, waiting to fully recover.

Vals is introduced after Holmes liberates Granada from the Canaan forces headed by Shion. In his first scene, he retires from his position and bestows it upon Holmes. He also gives armor and a sword to Holmes, triggering his promotion to Hide Hunter. Later, he sends one of his mistresses to bring a gift to Holmes, who refuses to accept it. However, Vals never finds out about this because Shigen tells the mistress to say that Holmes was delighted by the gift.

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