Opening DialogueEdit

  • Anna: Welcome, one and all, to the Outrealm Trial Grounds! If you don't think you're tough enough yet, you will be once you finish this challenge! If you manage to come out on top, you'll get something nice in the bargain, to boot. What's the challenge? Glad you asked! Your job is to defend this historic fortress. I gotta say, the odds are against you. There's a boatload of enemies here, and they look like they mean business. If you think you can hold your own, then let's get this battle under way!

Closing DialogueEdit

  • Anna: That was incredible! Way to hold the line against that nonstop onslaught! Your prize for making it through in one piece is the Vanguard's Brand. With this thing, you can be just like a certain radiant hero of old! That's all I've got for now. Looking forward to seeing you again at the next challenge!
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