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“Smell that, men? The winds of fortune are blowing our way!”
—Vasto in Chapter 7

Vasto is a boss character in Fire Emblem Awakening. He is a high-ranking Commander in Gangrel's Plegian Army.


During the Ylissean-Plegian war, Emmeryn was being sent to a remote palace to ensure her safety, accompanied by the Shepherds and her longtime friend the Hierarch. The Hierarch secretly betrayed Emmeryn for his own apparent safety, so Gangrel and Vasto and his men wait at the Breakneck Pass. Vasto was extremely excited with the mission, as it was his first major posting.

The Hierarch immediately ran away from the Ylissean group and into Vasto's men. Having informed the Plegians of their arrival, he asked for protection. Vasto was disgusted by the Hierarch's cowardice, and had him executed on the spot before attacking the Ylissean convoy. He is slain in the ensuing battle.

In spite of this, Vasto is revealed to possess a softer side; according to a conversation shared between Henry and Ricken, he would crack jokes and talk proudly about his mother, making Henry take a liking towards him.


Boss Stats[]

* - Dropped when defeated.


“I'll splatter you across the canyon floor!”
—Vasto's battle quote.
“You doves think...killing me will change anything? Heh... Even now, my brothers storm across your precious border... Go on, dear exalted coward! Run! Flee while they slaughter your subjects! Save yourself... Let their faith in you... bleed away...with the rest...”
—Vasto's death quote


Olio means "oil" in Italian. It also means "creature" in Finnish.

Vasto means "wide" or "vast" in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.


  • Vasto is one of the few minor bosses in Awakening that does not share his portrait.