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“Well, do as you see fit. As a mercenary you're free to work for whomever you please. Strange how one day we're fighting side by side...the next day who knows.”
—Voltz talking to Beowolf

Voltz is an enemy character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the leader of a mercenary company enlisted by Macbeth to defend Anphony. He is friends with fellow mercenary Beowolf. Both men dislike Macbeth and Voltz tells Beowolf he should feel free to leave the job if he wants. Voltz, however, remains in Macbeth's service while Beowolf sells his skills to Sigurd's army. Voltz and his company eventually fall in battle, leaving the path clear for Sigurd's army to end Macbeth's tyranny.


Starting ClassHoly Blood
FE4 Forrest Knight Enemy SpriteRanger-
20601422118014593FE4 Leadership Star3000
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
ContinueAdeptFE4 SwordSword - AFE4SteelbladeSteel Blade
EliteringElite Ring*

*Dropped when defeated


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Voltz is the strongest on-field enemy encountered thus far, has a highly competent mix of stats, and should be handled with caution. Because of his high leadership (which is startlingly high given that he is a mercenary commander), he can be considered a priority target and should be dealt with before any of the other men in his unit. His might far exceeds that of his subordinates, so defeating him has the added benefit of allowing the player to stonewall his forces with high Defense units. His movement stat is higher than the rest of his army and he will almost always wind up at the front of the formation, so the player can either bait him into a foolish preemptive attack or lie in wait just out of his range.

Depending upon the player's preferred pace, unmounted units might or might not be present during the battle against him. If the player is going it slow, they can occupy the chokepoint between Heirhein and Anphony and utilize Sigurd's and Lachesis' Leadership/Charisma boosts to help dominate the battle. If the player is playing more aggressively, either out of personal preference or for ranking purposes, mounted units are the only option for this battle. In that case, Sigurd, Quan and Finn (who should have just acquired the Brave Lance) can each deal significant damage to him, though the player should take care to ensure that Finn does not leave the battle with a low HP count. Though Voltz's men only have 15 might, they are quite numerous, and can use Canto to focus all of their attacks on a single vulnerable unit.

Voltz drops the Elite Ring. Any unit other than Lex (who probably will not be landing the coup de grâce against Voltz anyway) can benefit from this ring,and the player can pass it around units at the start of the next chapter to maximize EXP gained during its arena training portion, provided each unit in question has 40,000 gold to spare.


“This is just my job. Don't think too badly of me.”
—Voltz's battle quote

Vs Beowolf

  • Voltz: Heh... Beowolf... Bit early for you t'be fightin' me, isn't it?
  • Beowolf: Yeah, probably... But I'm a mercenary, and those are my orders...
“I... I can't believe I've been defeated...”
—Voltz's death quote


Voltz may derive from Volts, the unit of electric energy in physics.


  • Voltz has exactly the same stats as Jabarro, the only other Ranger boss in the game.