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For the character whose form is the Wandering Beast, see here.

The Wandering Beast (彷徨えし獣) is a class that first appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This class is exclusive to the true identity of the Wandering Beast, who has been slaughtering villagers in the Edmund territory.


Class Skills[]

FE16Renewal FE16.pngRenewal
Heartseeker FE16.pngHeartseeker
Magic Bind FE16.pngMagic Bind
FE16 Icon Barrier.pngBarrier
FE16 Icon Barrier Skill.pngVital Defense
FE16 Icon Barrier Skill.pngAnti-Magic Armor
Armored Blow FE16.pngArmored Blow
Death Blow FE16.pngDeath Blow
Defiant Str FE16.pngDefiant Str
Staggering Blow FE16.pngHeavy Strike
Barrier ability.
Barrier ability.
Barrier ability.
Latent ability; active when three or fewer health bars remain.
Latent ability; active when two or fewer health bars remain.
Latent ability; active when only one health bar remain.
Staggering blow; innate.

Notable Wandering Beasts[]

Three Houses[]


  • Zooming in on the Black Beast's battle model will show its Crest Stone beneath its horn, with the text "The Devil" and "XV" engraved on it.
    • However, because of the Fog of War, this is impossible to do in-game and requires hacking to see the horn.

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