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The War Master class is a class that has been introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is a male-exclusive infantry class who can pulverize their foes with their axes and their unarmed techniques.


Base Stats

FE1633201014161215106--FE16 axe icon.png A FE16 brawl icon.png A

Growth Rates

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
40/60% 15/32% 0% 0% 10/20% 0% 0/35% 0% 5% FE16 axe icon.png +3 FE16 brawl icon.png +3

Class Skills

FE16Axefaire FE16.pngAxefaire
Fistfaire FE16.pngFistfaire
Crit +20 FE16.pngCritical +20
Quick Riposte FE16.pngQuick Riposte
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.pngWar Master's Strike
Class Ability of War Master.
Class Ability of War Master.
Class Ability of War Master.
Mastery Ability of War Master.
Mastery Ability of War Master.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE16Any classUse a FE16 Seal Icon.pngMaster Seal on a Level 30+ unit and pass the War Master Certification Exam.FE16 War Master Icon.gifWar Master


War Masters boast good Strength and Speed growths, making them a good fit for physical attackers. However, their real party piece comes from their abilities. Axefaire and Fistfaire ensure they will dish out plenty of damage, while Critical +20 gives the user 4 chances to score a critical hit when attacking with Gauntlets, if they can double the opponent. Mastering this class nets the ability Quick Riposte and the combat art War Master's Strike. The former allows the user to always double attack opponents if the user is above 50% health on the opponent's turn, allowing slower characters like Raphael and Balthus to circumvent their Speed disadvantage. War Master's Strike simply deals triple damage to all enemies, which in combination with a Killer Axe and the class's innate Critical +20 can potentially allow them to dish out absolutely ludicrous damage. Overall, the War Master is commonly regarded as one of the best endgame classes in Three Houses, with the only significant drawback being locked to males.

Notable War Masters


  • There is a single female War Master in the game, defending Claude on the Azure Moon route in The Golden Deer's Plea if Hilda was recruited. This is odd as War Master is a Male-only class. The female War Master in question uses a female Myrmidon model, and uses the male Warrior's animations despite there being a separate set of infantry axe animations for females.