War of Deliverance (Liberation War in the Japanese version) is Act 3 of Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Beginning from this act, the player will control Alm's group and Celica's group simultaneously. From here on, additional enemy groups may spawn on the world map from shrines and forts you have not cleared yet. These enemies will roam the world map, and you will be forced into battle if they move onto the same space Alm or Celica are currently occupying. If this happens, the enemy gets the first turn, and you will not be able to choose which units you do or do not want to use. Therefore, it's a good idea to clear shrines and forts quickly to stop the flow of additional enemies.

The overall goal of the act is to open the twin floodgates located at the Sluice Gate and the Temple of Mila to prevent Zofia from being flooded. Along the way, Alm must also defeat Desaix once and for all, and push the invading Rigelian army out of Zofia. Celica can simply head straight to the Temple of Mila, or optionally, she can take a detour to defeat the bandit king Grieth and rescue the many hostages he's taken.

The act begins at Zofia Castle and ends when both floodgates are opened. Other notable locations include the Forest Village, Desaix's Fortress, the Sylvan Shrine, Zofia Harbor, the Mountain Village, the Desert Stronghold, Grieth's Citadel, and the Dragon Shrine.

Celica will automatically promote to Princess at the end of this act.


Alm's Route

Celica's Route

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