Wary Fighter (Defensive Formation in the Japanese version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Fates.


When the user engages in battle, neither the user nor the enemy can double attack. Learned by Generals at level 5.

Wary Fighter is an extremely useful skill, as it prevents the opponent from using high speed units like Swordmasters and Master Ninjas, which often do not have much strength to deal with high defense units like the General. Since most units are capable of doubling slow units, this skill will prevent them from doing so. When combined with a unit with high physical and magical defense, they can become a near-impenetrable wall where it will be very difficult to overpower them.

Note: Despite the description, Brave weapons can still attack twice on units with Wary Fighter, since it is their weapon's effect. However, the Brave weapon will not be able to attack four times.

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