(Fire Emblem Fates)
(Fire Emblem Fates)
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|Attack +2
|Attack +2
|Hit Rate + 0
|Hit Rate + 10
|Recovery +1, Hit Rate +5
|Recovery +1, Hit Rate +5
|Attack +1, Hit Rate +5
|Attack +1, Hit Rate +5

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Weapon EXP (abbreviated WEx or WEXP) is different from normal EXP in that it goes towards increasing a character's Weapon Rank, allowing them to use more powerful weapons. Staves in particular give a lot of weapon experience, but most weapons only give 1 or 2 weapon experience (except in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn). Weapon experience is always 1 in both Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 and Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (except for staves), and is always 2 in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (except for the real Imhullu and Dragonstones, where it is 0). In FE7-10, different weapons and staves have varying values of weapon experience (1-8).

Seemingly, the trend is that the harder a weapon is to use (based on things such as Hit%) or the more dangerous, like the Devil Axe in most games, the higher weapon experience it will grant to the user.

It is not known why SS-ranked weapons have points in this category, as that is the highest rank obtainable and acquiring weapon experience no longer matters.

Fire Emblem Fates

As in previous games, weapon experience is gained whenever a unit attacks or counterattacks. Unless a unit is recruited with some weapon experience beforehand, by default all weapon experience begins at an empty E rank.

Weapon Rank Progression Number of attacks to next level
E->D 20
D->C 30
C->B 45
B->A 65
A->S 90

Unlike previous games, weapon experience is limited by class. Knights, for example, can only reach a B rank in lances. With almost no exception, only one class can reach S rank for each of the weapon classes. Enemies with Void Curse do not grant weapon experience when attacked.

Leveling up weapon ranks grants access to a wider array of weapons. In addition, units with higher weapon ranks gain bonuses to hit rate and attack depending on rank and weapon type, as listed below:

Weapon Rank Swords Axes Rods All other weapons
E/D None None None None
C Attack +1 Hit Rate +5 Recovery +1 Attack +1
B Attack +2 Hit Rate + 10 Recovery +1, Hit Rate +5 Attack +1, Hit Rate +5
A Attack +3 Attack +1, Hit Rate +10 Recovery +2, Hit Rate +5 Attack +2, Hit Rate + 5
S Attack +4, Hit Rate +5 Attack +2, Hit Rate +15 Recovery +3, Hit Rate +10 Attack +3, Hit Rate + 10

Weapon Triangle bonuses are also impacted by weapon experience, as listed below. The Dual Katana, Dual ClubDual Naginata, Dual Shuriken, and Dual Yumi invert and double these effects.

Weapon Rank Advantaged Unit Disadvantaged Unit
E/D Hit Rate +5 Hit Rate -5
C Hit Rate +10 Hit Rate -10
B Attack +1, Hit Rate +10 Attack -1, Hit Rate -10
A Attack +1, Hit Rate +15 Attack -1, Hit Rate -15
S Attack +2, Hit Rate +20 Attack -2, Hit Rate -20


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