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Weapon Refinery is a mechanic in Fire Emblem Heroes which was introduced in version 2.0.


Weapon Refinery allows 5-Star Heroes to refine their weapons, granting their weapons bonus stats or effects. The majority of weapons are simply given the option to grant the wielder fixed additional stats. Several weapons can be evolved, for example Eliwood can upgrade his base Durandal weapon into Brave Roy's Blazing Durandal. Staff Wielders who have learned their 5-Star staff weapon can imbue their staff with Wrathful Staff and Dazzling Staff passives. Other weapons, such as Hauteclere and Siegmund gain unique skill passives.


Any Weapon Refinery performed requires Arena Medals which are acquired by winning Arena Battles and ranking in it each week. Upgrading common weapons like Wo Dao+, Silver Lance+, Assassin's Bow+ and Gronnowl+ requires Refining Stones while upgrading legendary weapon requires Divine Dew.

Upgraded effects

Each weapon has different upgrades with different bonuses. The upgraded icon of a weapon determines its upgraded effect:

Icon Effect Weapon(s)
FEH WUp 1.png Increased Might (non-staff)
FEH WUp 2.png Increased Speed (non-staff)
FEH WUp 3.png Increased Defense (non-staff)
FEH WUp 4.png Increased Resistance (non-staff)
FEH WUp 6.png Passive added (Dazzling Staff) (staff)
FEH WUp 8.png Passive added (Wrathful Staff) (staff)
FEH WUp 13.png Passive added (?) Armorsmasher+, Slaying Spear+, Slaying Hammer+
FEH WUp 14.png Passive added (?) Zanbato+, Horseslayer+, Poleaxe+, Keen Rauðrwolf+, Keen Blárwolf+, Keen Gronnwolf+
FEH WUp 5.png Passive added (Brash Assault) Sol Katti
FEH WUp 7.png Passive added (Fury) Mystletainn, Axe of Virility, Hinata's Katana
FEH WUp 9.png Passive added (?) Siegmund
FEH WUp 10.png Passive added (?) Fujin Yumi, Nóatún
FEH WUp 11.png Passive added (?) Hauteclere, Nameless Blade, Shanna's Lance, Selena's Blade
FEH WUp 12.png Passive added (?) Deathly Dagger
FEH WUp 15.png Passive added (?) Cymbeline
FEH WUp 16.png Passive added (?) Parthia
FEH WUp 17.png Passive added (Distant Defense) Eckesachs
FEH WUp 18.png Passive added (?) Falchion (Archanean)
FEH WUp 19.png Passive added (?) Falchion (Ylissean)
FEH WUp 20.png Passive added (?) Falchion (Valentian)
FEH WUp 21.png Passive added (Flashing Blade) Wing Sword, Rhomphaia, Niles's Bow
FEH WUp 22.png Passive added (?) Hinoka's Spear
FEH WUp 23.png Passive added (Life and Death) Basilikos, Solitary Blade
FEH WUp 24.png Passive added (?) Felicia's Plate
FEH WUp 25.png Passive added (?) Sieglinde
FEH WUp 26.png Passive added (?) Brynhildr
FEH WUp 27.png Passive added (?) Wind's Brand
FEH WUp 28.png Passive added (Quick Riposte) Binding Blade, Bow of Devotion
FEH WUp 29.png Passive added (Death Blow) Forblaze, Frederick's Axe
FEH WUp 30.png Passive added (?) Regal Blade
FEH WUp 31.png Passive added (?) Camilla's Axe
FEH WUp 32.png Passive added (?) Yato
FEH WUp 33.png Passive added (?) Breath of Fog
FEH WUp 34.png Passive added (?) Excalibur, Aura
FEH WUp 35.png Passive added (Steady Posture) Dauntless Lance
FEH WUp 36.png Passive added (Resistance Tactic) Draconic Poleax
FEH WUp 37.png Passive added (Speed Resistance Ploy) Reese's Tome
FEH WUp 38.png Passive added (Triangle Adept) Fólkvangr, Tome of Order
FEH WUp 39.png Passive added (Speed Defense Bond) Fensalir
FEH WUp 40.png Passive added (Panic Ploy) Cherche's Axe
FEH WUp 41.png Passive added (Brazen Attack Speed) Ragnarok
FEH WUp 42.png Passive added (Attack Speed Link) Odin's Grimoire, Book of Orchids
FEH WUp 43.png Passive added (?) Vidofnir
FEH WUp 44.png Passive added (?) Nidhogg
FEH WUp 45.png Passive added (?) Golden Dagger
FEH WUp 46.png Passive added (?) Florina's Lance
FEH WUp 47.png Passive added (?) Gladiator's Blade
FEH WUp 48.png Passive added (Quickened Pulse) Scarlet Sword, Dark Excalibur
FEH WUp 49.png Passive added (?) Whitewing Blade, Whitewing Lance, Whitewing Spear
FEH WUp 50.png Passive added (?) Tactical Bolt, Tactical Gale
FEH WUp 51.png Passive added (Attack Defense Bond) Tyrfing
FEH WUp 52.png Passive added (?) Naga
FEH WUp 53.png Passive added (?) Divine Naga
FEH WUp 54.png Passive added (Speed Tactic) Silverbrand
FEH WUp 55.png Passive added (?) Tharja's Hex
FEH WUp 56.png Passive added (Close Defense) Oboro's Spear
FEH WUp 57.png Passive added (?) Grado Poleax
FEH WUp 58.png Passive added (Even Attack Wave) Iris's Tome
FEH WUp 59.png Passive added (Darting Blow) Tome Of Thoron, Steady Lance
FEH WUp 60.png Passive added (Swift Sparrow) Amiti, Durandal, Hana's Katana
FEH WUp 61.png Passive added (?) Dark Aura
FEH WUp 62.png Passive added (Bracing Stance) Eternal Tome
FEH WUp 63.png Passive added (Chill Defense) Argent Bow
FEH WUp 64.png Passive added (?​) Peri's Lance
FEH WUp 65.png Passive added (?) Bull Blade, Panther Lance
FEH WUp 66.png Passive Added (Sturdy Stance) Daybreak Lance
FEH WUp 67.png Passive Added (?​) Bull Spear, Panther Sword
FEH WUp 68.png Passive Added (?) Spy's Dagger, Blue-Crow Tome, Valflame, Wargod's Tome
FEH WUp 69.png Passive Added (?) Inscribed Tome
FEH WUp 70.png Passive Added (?) Beruka's Axe
FEH WUp 71.png Passive Added (?) Saizo's Star, Gloom Breath
FEH WUp 74.png Passive Added (?) Kagero's Dart
FEH WUp 72.png Passive added (?) Hermit's Tome
FEH WUp 73.png Passive added (?) Rowdy Sword
FEH WUp 75.png Passive added (?) Loyal Greatlance
FEH WUp 76.png Passive added (?) Blazing Durandal
FEH WUp 77.png Passive added (?) Geirskögul
FEH WUp 78.png Passive added (?) Urvan
FEH WUp 79.png Passive added (?) Mulagir
FEH WUp 80.png Passive added (Lull Attack Defense) Guardian's Axe, Dark Royal Spear
FEH WUp 81.png Passive added (?) Dignified Bow, Jubilant Blade
FEH WUp 82.png Passive added (?) Weirding Tome, Runeaxe
FEH WUp 83.png Passive added (Desperation) Concealed Blade
FEH WUp 84.png Passive added (?) Golden Naginata
FEH WUp 85.png Passive added (Lull Attack Speed) Sun Dragonstone
FEH WUp 86.png Passive added (?) Renowned Bow
FEH WUp 90.png Passive added (?) Resolute Blade
FEH WUp 88.png Passive added (?) Knightly Lance, Lordly Lance
FEH WUp 89.png Passive added (?) Arthur's Axe
FEH WUp 91.png Passive added (?) Light Brand
FEH WUp 92.png Passive added (?) Cordelia's Lance
FEH WUp 93.png Passive added (?) Rebecca's Bow
FEH WUp 87.png Passive added (?) Corvus Tome
FEH WUp 94.png Passive added (?) Laslow's Blade
FEH WUp 95.png Passive added (?) Father’s Tactics
FEH WUp 96.png Passive added (Wrath) Devil Axe
FEH WUp 97.png Passive added (?​) Jakob's Tray
FEH WUp 98.png Passive added (?) Laid-Back Blade
FEH WUp 100.png Passive added (Sabotage Attack) Veteran Lance
FEH WUp 101.png Passive added (?) Thunderhead
FEH WUp 99.png Passive added (?) Gleipnir
FEH WUp 102.png Passive added (?) Inveterate Axe
FEH WUp 103.png Passive added (?) Candied Dagger
FEH WUp 104.png Passive added (?) Dark Greatsword
FEH WUp 105.png Passive added (?) Weighted Lance
FEH WUp 106.png Passive added (?) Bow of Beauty
FEH WUp 107.png Passive added (?) Stalwart Sword
FEH WUp 108.png Passive added (?) Hewn Lance
FEH WUp 109.png Passive added (?) Great Flame
FEH WUp 110.png Passive added (?) Sniper's Bow
FEH WUp 111.png Passive added (?​​) Beloved Zofia
FEH WUp 112.png Passive added (?) Crimson Axe
FEH WUp 113.png Passive added (?) Bright Naginata
FEH WUp 114.png Passive added (?) Sneering Axe
FEH WUp 115.png Passive added (?) Setsuna's Yumi
FEH WUp 116.png Passive added (?) Royal Sword
FEH WUp 117.png Passive added (?) Maltet
FEH WUp 118.png Passive added (?) Garm
FEH WUp 119.png Passive added (?) Hliðskjálf
FEH WUp 120.png Passive added (?) Divine Tyrfing
FEH WUp 121.png Passive added (?) Effie's Lance
FEH WUp 122.png Passive added (?) Obsessive Curse
FEH WUp 123.png Passive added (?) Cursed Lance
FEH WUp 124.png Passive added (?) Thani
FEH WUp 125.png Passive added (?) Eternal Breath
FEH WUp 126.png Passive added (?) Elise's Staff
FEH WUp 127.png Passive added (?) Sealed Falchion
FEH WUp 128.png Passive added (?) Purifying Breath
FEH WUp 129.png Passive added (?) Tome of Favors
FEH WUp 130.png Passive added (?) Elena's Staff
FEH WUp 131.png Passive added (?) Arden's Blade
FEH WUp 132.png Passive added (?) Forseti
FEH WUp 133.png Passive added (?) Warrior Princess
FEH WUp 134.png Passive added (?) Springtime Staff
FEH WUp 135.png Passive added (?) Audhulma
FEH WUp 136.png Passive added (?) Meisterschwert
FEH WUp 137.png Passive added (Joint Drive Attack & Joint Drive Speed) Giga Excalibur, Fruit of Iðunn
FEH WUp 138.png Passive added (?) Spy-Song Bow
FEH WUp 139.png Passive added (?) Ayra's Blade
FEH WUp 140.png Passive added (?) Grimoire
FEH WUp 141.png Passive added (?) Naglfar
FEH WUp 142.png Passive added (?) Ivaldi
FEH WUp 143.png Passive added (?) Mjölnir
FEH WUp 144.png Passive added (?) Shamshir
FEH WUp 145.png Passive added (?) Flower Lance
FEH WUp 146.png Passive added (?) Gáe Bolg
FEH WUp 147.png Passive added (?) Berserk Armads
FEH WUp 148.png Passive added (?) Grima's Truth, Blizzard
FEH WUp 149.png Passive added (?) Alondite, Ragnell
FEH WUp 150.png Passive added (?) Raijinto
FEH WUp 151.png Passive added (?) Siegfried
FEH WUp 152.png Passive added (?) Gradivus
FEH WUp 153.png Passive added (?) Vassal's Blade
FEH WUp 154.png Passive added (?) Muninn's Egg
FEH WUp 155.png Passive added (?) Skadi
FEH WUp 156.png Passive added (?) Hoarfrost Knife
FEH WUp 157.png Passive added (?) Peshkatz
FEH WUp 158.png Passive added (?) Masking Axe
FEH WUp 159.png Passive added (?) Leiptr
FEH WUp 160.png Passive added (?) Huginn's Egg
FEH WUp 161.png Passive added (?) Stout Tomahawk
FEH WUp 162.png Passive added (?) Expiration, Sagittae
FEH WUp 163.png Passive added (?) Loyalty Spear
FEH WUp 164.png Passive added (?) Punishment Staff
FEH WUp 165.png Passive added (?) Dark Mystletainn
FEH WUp 166.png Passive added (?) Níu
FEH WUp 167.png Passive added (?) Nifl Frostflowers
FEH WUp 168.png Passive added (?) Dusk Dragonstone
FEH WUp 169.png Passive added (?) Dracofalchion
FEH WUp 170.png Passive added (?) Flame Siegmund, Hawk King Claw
FEH WUp 171.png Passive added (?) Ninis's Ice Lance
FEH WUp 172.png Passive added (?) Swift Mulagir
FEH WUp 173.png Passive added (?) Light of Dawn
FEH WUp 174.png Passive added (?) Sanngriðr
FEH WUp 175.png Passive added (?) Soleil's Shine
FEH WUp 176.png Passive added (?) Laevatein
FEH WUp 177.png Passive added (?) Missiletainn
FEH WUp 178.png Passive added (?) Loptous
FEH WUp 179.png Passive added (?) Múspell Fireposy
FEH WUp 180.png
Passive added (?) Fanged Basilikos
FEH WUp 181.png
Passive added ( foe's Spd, grants Special cooldown charge +1 and deals +5 damage per unit's attack, including when dealing damage with a Special triggered before combat. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)" style="color:#d9d9d9">?) Kaze's Needle
FEH WUp 182.png
Passive added (?) Exalted Falchion
FEH WUp 183.png
Passive added (?) Thunder Armads
FEH WUp 184.png
Passive added (?) Býleistr
FEH WUp 185.png
Passive added (?) Divine Mist
FEH WUp 186.png
Passive added (?) Inviolable Axe
FEH WUp 187.png
Passive added (?) Summer's Breath
FEH WUp 188.png
Passive added (?) Wolf Queen Fang
FEH WUp 189.png
Passive added (?) Wolf Berg
FEH WUp 190.png
Passive added (?) Thökk
FEH WUp 191.png
Passive added (?) Ancient Codex
FEH WUp 192.png
Passive added (?) Sworn Lance
FEH WUp 193.png
Passive added ( foe's Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 4 (max 40%)." style="color:#d9d9d9">?) Storm Sieglinde
FEH WUp 194.png
Passive added (?) Thögn
FEH WUp 195.png
Passive added (?) Draconic Rage
FEH WUp 196.png
Passive added (?) Spirit Breath
FEH WUp 197.png
Passive added (?) Bow of Verdane
FEH WUp 198.png
Passive added (?) Tome of Reason
FEH WUp 199.png
Passive added ( foe's Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 3 (max 30%), and unit deals +5 damage including when dealing damage with a Special triggered before combat." style="color:#d9d9d9">?) Hurricane Dagger
FEH WUp 200.png
Passive added (?) Gjöll
FEH WUp 201.png
Passive added (?) Lyfjaberg
FEH WUp 202.png
Passive added (?) Book of Dreams
FEH WUp 203.png
Passive added ( foe’s Atk, unit attacks twice." style="color:#d9d9d9">?) Festive Siegmund
FEH WUp 204.png
Passive added (?) Azure Lance
FEH WUp 205.png
Passive added (?) Quick Mulagir
FEH WUp 206.png
Passive added (?) Doting Staff
FEH WUp 207.png
Passive added (?) Hikami
FEH WUp 208.png
Passive added (?) Breath of Blight
FEH WUp 209.png
Passive added (?) Prayer Wheel
FEH WUp 210.png
Passive added (?) Aversa's Night
FEH WUp 211.png
Passive Added (?) Sylgr
FEH WUp 212.png
Passive Added (?) Foxkit Fang
FEH WUp 213.png
Passive Added (?) Veðrfölnir's Egg

Upgradable weapons




Weapon Evolution

Source Weapon Resulting Weapon
Armorslayer+ Armorsmasher+
Killing Edge+ Slaying Edge+
Tyrfing Divine Tyrfing
Durandal Blazing Durandal
Heavy Spear+ Slaying Spear+
Killer Lance+ Slaying Lance+
Hammer+ Slaying Hammer+
Killer Axe+ Slaying Axe+
Assassin's Bow+ Guard Bow+
Killer Bow+ Slaying Bow+
Rauðrwolf+ Keen Rauðrwolf+
Blárwolf+ Keen Blárwolf+
Aura Dark Aura
Gronnwolf+ Keen Gronnwolf+
Excalibur Dark Excalibur
Naga Divine Naga
Candlelight Candlelight+
Siegmund Flame Siegmund
Armads Berserk Armads
Falchion (Ylissean) Sealed Falchion
Mystletainn Dark Mystletainn


  • A number of refinements reference aspects of their appearances in other games, or aspects of their original users:
    • Refining Fujin Yumi replaces its Pass with the ability to move through forests without movement penalty - in Fates, Fujin Yumi reduced all movement costs to 1.
    • Cymbeline's unique refinement boosts user's stats when a flier is nearby, referencing Sanaki's personal guard, the Holy Guards.
    • Eckesachs' refined effect not working on dragons references the fact that it's the only Legendary Weapon in The Binding Blade that does not deal effective damage against dragons.
    • Archanean Falchion's unique refinement increases nearby allies stats, referencing the unusually large number of support bonuses that Marth provides in both Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem, as well as the Charm skill that he has in both Awakening and Fates.
    • Ylissean Falchion's unique refinement increses user's stats when another ally is adjacent, referencing the Pair Up mechanic.
    • Valentian Falchion's unique refinement causes Continued Attack when user is attacking, with post battle damage afterwards, which references the Double Lion combat art.
    • Hinoka's Spear's unique refinement working with only infantry and fliers references the fact that all Hoshidan royals are infantry or flying units.
    • Brynhildr's refined effect reduces damage the user takes from the first magic attack the user takes in combat, referencing the weapon's anti-magic damage reducing effect in Fates.
    • Regal Blade's unique refinement boosts user's stats when an infantry mage is nearby, referencing Lloyd's friendship with Nino.
    • Camilla's Axe effect and unique refinement works with nearby fliers and cavalry, referencing both Camilla's personal skill in Fates (Rose's Thorns) and the fact that all playable Nohrian royals are flying or cavalry units.
    • Yato's refined effect is the same stat bonus as one of Alpha Yato. Its Unique refinement boosts nearby ally if Corrin has support with them, referencing Corrin's personal skill in Fates (Supportive).
    • Breath of Fog's unique refinement works when dragon and sword allies are nearby, referencing Tiki's friendship with Bantu and Marth.
    • Excalibur's and Aura's unique refinements working when tome or staff allies are nearby reference Merric and Linde's friendship with one another, as well as respectively Elice and Nyna.
    • Gladiator's Blade's unique refinement working with infantry and flying allies references Ogma's friendship with Caeda, his mercenary group, and his rivalry with Navarre.
    • Unique refinements of Whitewing Blade, Whitewing Lance and Whitewing Spear reference the Triangle Attack.
    • Tactical Bolt's and Tactical Gale's unique refinements reference the Rally Spectrum skill Robin learns in both Awakening and Fates.
    • Tharja's Hex's unique refinement references the Anathema skill that Tharja learns in Awakening.
    • Peri's Lance's unique refinement references Peri's personal skill Bloodthirst, although only in effect and icon, not condition.
    • Bull Blade's and Panther Lance's unique refinements reference the friendship between Cain and Abel. Similarly, Bull Spear's and Panther Sword's unique refinements reference the friendship between Sully and Stahl.
    • Loyal Greatlance's unique refinement references the fact that Oscar is a member of the Greil Mercenaries, whose FEH units up until then were composed of infantry and cavalry units.
    • Inscribed Tome's unique refinement not working against dragons references Boey's fear of Necrodragons.
    • Beruka's Axe's unique refinement references Beruka's personal skill in Fates, Opportunist.
    • Golden Naginata's unique refinement references Subaki's personal skill, the Perfectionist, albeit with a more lenient requirement (more than 70% HP, compared to original full HP).
    • Knightly Lance and Lordly Lance's unique refinements reference the relationship between Clive and Mathilda.
    • Similar to Golden Naginata, Cordelia's Lance's unique refinement references Cordelia's perfectionism.
    • Arthur's Axe special refine working when Arthur is debuffed or without full health is a nod to his bad luck.
    • The special refine of Tome of Favors being related to Laguz refers to Oliver's role in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.
    • The refined effect of Loptous mitigating damage from weapons that aren't effective against dragons is a callback to how in Genealogy of the Holy War, the tome would cut the damage it's user takes in half, if the attacker isn't using the Book of Naga.