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“Do you fools realise what you're doing?! If I die, so do the women we took!”
—Weissman's battle quote in Thracia 776

Weissman is a servant of Raydrik and the first enemy Leif faces in battle. Weissman checked the village for Leif but found no sign of him. Weissman made the villagers of Fiana talk, but all they said was that Leif was not around. Raydrik had taken Mareeta and Nanna captive then told Weissman to take down Leif when he came back into the village. Upon reaching him, Leif knew that Weissman had hostages with him and they would be executed if he kills the knight. However, Leif prevailed over Weissman then rescued the hostages.



Starting Class
Armor Sword
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE5 Sword IconSword - DLong Sword


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Weissman's Defense is unbelievably high for this point in the game. The terrain on which he stands gives him a full +10 defense, causing the stat to grow to 21, actually surpassing the natural cap, certainly an oddity for a Chapter 1 boss. Units on the field, whether friendly or hostile, will never be able to surpass Weissman's defense without the aid of a fort or some other defense boosting effect.

Because of his massive defense, conventional means of attack will prove fruitless against him. Thankfully, Weissman is incapable of attacking at a distance and his magic stat (which doubles as Resistance in this game) is terrible. Ranged attacks from Eyvel's Fire Sword and Leif's Light Brand will tear right through him, affording him no chance to retaliate in the process. Dagdar's Hammer and Critical hits from Osian and Halvan are other alternatives, though they are not as reliable.

Dagdar's Hammer is particularly useful for capturing Weissman, though this is far from necessary as Weissman's Long Sword will not be very useful in the long term.


Death Quote[]

“D-Damn… You'll… live to regret this, all of you…”
—Weissman's death quote in Thracia 776

Release Quote[]

“Damn… Bested by a bunch of backwoods yokels. Well, I won't forget this!”
—Weissman's release quote in Thracia 776


  • Weissman is the second boss of an opening chapter who is not of an axe-wielding infantry class, being an Armor Sword instead. Unlike Lorenz, there is no way to avoid fighting him.
    • Relatedly, he is the only opening-chapter boss with this detail who is not a major character.