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Wellt (ウエルト Ueruto) is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a large island kingdom that is situated near the continent of Lieberia. It has several dukedoms within it, two of which are Verge and Gram. It was ruled by King Loffaru until his disappearance in the Balt War. Six months later, Duke Codha seized control of Wellt and imprisoned Queen Liza to prevent the other nobles from siding against him. During the game's events, Runan and Princess Sasha overthrow Codha with the help of Count Merlon of Verge. At the end of the war, Loffaru returns to Wellt and resumes his position as king, which he intends to pass on to Liza's son, Holmes.

Known People from Wellt

Royalty and Nobility


  • Kate - A knight of Wellt serving as Sasha's bodyguard.
  • Norton - The leader of Wellt's castle guards.
  • Lionel - A knight of Wellt and a close friend of Norton.
  • Roger - A holy knight of Wellt hailing from a family of nobles.
  • Ruka - A hunter from a village north of Gram and Raquel's younger brother.
  • Ross - A lieutenant of Codha who is tasked with hunting Sasha in Saura.
  • Eritz - A noble of Wellt who is forced to side with Codha.
  • Domes - A trusted general of Codha who guards Wellt Bridge.

Temple of Mars


  • Barts - An axe-wielding fighter from the village of Taurus.
  • Plum - The daughter of Lionheart, raised alongside Barts in Taurus.
  • Thomas - A hunter from the village of Lot and a close friend of Barts.
  • Raquel - An unparalleled hunter known as the Child of Bridget.
  • Yazam - The leader of the bandits residing in the Taurus Mountains.