West of Ylisstol in Chapter 1.

West of Ylisstol is a location from Fire Emblem Awakening located in Ylisse. It is located a short distance to the west of the capitol city of Ylisstol. It is here where the Shepherds (Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick) and Robin first encounter the Risen and are saved by Marth, both of whom appear through a hole in the sky. The Shepherds take up arms against the Risen, led by a Risen Chief during the first chapterVirion and Sully are recruited on this map. Woods and Forts are first featured on this map. Woods reduce ground units movement but have a defense boost, where Forts also penalize movement but have greater a defense boost and also restore some Hit points if a unit begins a Player Phase here. During skirmishes, eight units are allowed to be deployed against Risen level 6 and 11 (unpromoted classes).

Shop Items[edit | edit source]

Heal (600 G)

Vulnerary (300 G)

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