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“Following the War of Shadows... Princess Caeda of Talys was engaged to Prince Marth of Altea, and all of Talys rejoiced. However, taking advantage of this chance, a clan in the outskirts of Talys suddenly started a rebellion. Having taken only a few bodyguards with her, Princess Caeda was swept away from the city and into the battlefield, her whereabouts unknown... The leader of Talys's hired swords, Ogma, commands his subordinates and immediately marches out to rescue Caeda.”
—Opening Narration

What Was Done by the Sword, Shall Be Undone by the Sword is the 3rd Downloadable Episode in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, taking place shortly after either Shadow Dragon or Gaiden.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Barst is the only Talysian mercenary not to be included as a unit in this side story. This is possibly due to his Shadow Dragon's ending description of him enlisting into Archanea's army at the time after the War of Shadows, before he deserted to become a pirate on his own account. Which made him unable to take part against the rebellion in Talys.
    • Bord and Cord however, returned to Talys to become woodcutters, allowing the two to aid Ogma once again as part of his band of mercenaries.
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