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The White Heron Cup is an event that occurs during Part I of Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the 16th of the Ethereal Moon. It is the only opportunity in the game for a character to acquire access to the Dancer class.


The White Heron Cup is an annual competition between students of the three houses of the Officers Academy. Byleth is asked to optionally select a student from their chosen house to participate in the competition. Victory in the competition is determined by the competitor's Charm stat, and Byleth is granted one opportunity to put the competing student through a training session that will grant the student a permanent Charm boost. All student characters, including the three house leaders, Flayn, and the Ashen Wolves are eligible to enter the competition. Should the student Byleth selects for the competition win, they will gain the ability to reclass into a Dancer at any time. In addition, winning the tournament permanently teaches the student the Skill Sword Avo +20, and the Combat Art Sword Dance. To win the competition, the student Byleth enters requires a Charm stat of 13 or greater.


  • The name of the White Heron Cup may be a reference to the heron laguz of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. The heron laguz royals, who have white wings, have abilities equivalent to the Dancer class.
  • As a professor, Byleth is ineligible to enter the White Heron Cup, and thus cannot become a Dancer. However, the fourth wave of DLC for Three Houses included a dancer regalia costume for Byleth that allows them to dress in the Dancer class garb.