The Whitewings Unit Card in the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game

The Whitewings (白騎士団 Shiro Kishidan, literally White Knights) are a group of Macedonian Pegasus Knights that Princess Minerva founded and leads. It consists of Minerva, and the three sisters Palla, Catria, and Est.

History[edit | edit source]

In the War of Shadows the Whitewings are forced to assist Dolhr due to Minerva's sister Maria, being held captive. They participate in the Dolhr's alliance's attack on Aurelis. After finding Macedon troops abandoning their post, Minerva, Palla and Catria team up with Hardin and his knights to bring them down. After the majority of Macedon's troops in Aurelis have been defeated by Marth's Altean army and their Aurelian allies, Minerva and the Whitewings are put under the command of General Harmein. Harmein orders the Whitewings to clash with the Altean army at the Lefcandith Gauntlet. However, after a dispute over tactics with General Harmein, an insubordinate Minerva leads the Whitewings away from the field without engaging the enemy. After they refuse to fight Marth's army, Dolhr separates them from Minerva, fearing they will rebel. Before this separation, Minerva manages to tell Catria to request that Marth rescue Maria so that they no longer have to fight for Dolhr. Eventually, Catria makes contact with Marth, explaining that Minerva wishes to rise in rebellion against Dolhr. Marth leads an attack against Castle Deil, rescuing Maria, and thereby freeing Minerva and the Whitewings to join the Archanean League. However, due to their separation, only Minerva was able to join the Archanean League immediately.

The remaining Whitewings are ordered into battle to defend Gra, where both Palla and Catria defect to the League. King Jiol of Gra, however, proves contemptuous of their abilities, requesting Michalis' Dragoons instead. Est, the final Whitewing, infiltrates Grust, and returns to present Marth with the sword Mercurius.

Eventually the League, including Minerva and the Whitewings, invade Macedon itself. Defeating Michalis' Dragoons in battle, the League takes Macedon's Aerie. Michalis falls in the battle, wounded at his sister's hands.

After the War of Shadows, Est is captured by pirates. Palla and Catria follow the pirate ship en route to Valentia, and they get caught up in the war there. After rescuing Est, they return to Archanea.

Members[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Whitewing's members are the first characters in the Fire Emblem series to be able to perform a Triangle Attack.
  • The Whitewing's Unit card in Fire Emblem Trading Card Game features a generic Pegasus Knight, which may suggest that there are more members of the Whitewings.

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