WildheartWildheart is a Skill from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn that can be equipped to non-heron Laguz. It allows them to undergo a 'halfshift' at any time, increasing their human stats by 50%. It uses a capacity of 15 skill points.

Volug starts out with this skill. For the entirety of Part I in which he is available, he is forced to remain constantly halfshifted, and Wildheart cannot be removed from him. During this time, his transformation gauge will constantly read 30 and he will be unable to revert. When the player gains control of Micaiah's party again in Part III, however, he is no longer forced to remain halfshifted, and it is possible to remove Wildheart from him and receive the scroll. If it is kept on him, the word "half" in yellow text will constantly be shown over him on the map when he is in human form, indicating that he can halfshift. His transformation gauge will fill normally, however, and if it fills, he can perform a normal laguz shift, doubling his stats like any other laguz. When he halfshifts, his transformation gauge will fill to 30 and will start dropping based on turns and combat. When the gauge reaches zero, he will forcibly revert, although he will instantly be able to re-halfshift. Reverting while halfshifted will always return the transformation gauge to zero, regardless of its current value and its value upon undergoing the halfshift. You can avoid ever coming out of laguz form by reverting and half-shifting in the same turn in order to refill the gauge completely.


  • Due to a translation mistake, the description of the skill states that it halves EXP points, while it actually halves transformation gains. The amount of EXP gained in battle is the same, despite what the description says.
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