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“Queen Elincia encounters and defeats a wing of Begnion dracoknights trespassing in Crimean skies. After rescuing Chamberlain Nealuchi and Princess Leanne, she invites them to be her guests at the royal court. While Elincia's show of loyalty to her laguz allies causes an uproar among the nobles at court, they are aware that the heron princess is under the mutual protection of the mighty laguz hawk king and raven king. Because of this, there is no public show of distaste.
However, dissatisfaction with Elincia's rule now spreads from a single faction to a larger group. Crimea's unity is slowly rotting from within. This discord begins to be felt even in country hamlets like the farming village of Ohma.”
—Opening Narration

Winds of Rebellion is chapter one of Part 2 in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Nealuchi and Leanne are unavailable until the next chapter, Marcia is unvailable until Part 2 Chapter 3, Elincia and Haar are unavailable until Part 2 Final. There is no base available in this chapter.

Some of the enemies in this chapter will be volunteers, you get bonus experience for each one that survives.

  • Main Unit: Nephenee
  • Initial number of enemy units: 14



Heather appears from the southeast on Turn 5. She can be recruited by talking with Nephenee or Brom.

Bonus Experience[]

  • Clear (Easy/normal: 1500 exp) (Hard: 750 exp)
  • In 15 Turns (Easy: 1000 exp) (Normal: 750 exp) (Hard: 500 exp)
  • Volunteers' survival per unit, maximum of 4 (easy/normal: 400) (Hard: 200)

Enemy Reinforcement[]

Turn 8:

  • 1 Bandit w/Iron Axe from the west
  • 1 Bandit w/Steel Axe, Coin from the south.