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Witches' Trial (魔女の試練場 Majo no Shirenjō lit. The Witch's Trial Grounds is Xenologue 13 of Fire Emblem Fates.



The script for this chapter can be found here.


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Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Unlike the other DLC Ballistician Blitz, Witches' Trial is slightly harder as in addition to the Witches, there are enemy Generals, Paladins, Snipers and a Hero (Knights, Cavaliers, Archers and Mercenary on easier versions) Although one Witch is present on the map at the start, more will arrive, up to turn 11.

The layout of the map is a mountain range that splits into two paths; one leading to the seize spot and another just having enemies in it. Despite not having the Warp skill, enemy Witches can warp themselves to nearby allies. Although they will head towards the player units normally, they will only warp if an ally unit is close enough for the Witch to attack the player.

On Normal Mode, none of the enemies possess skills, excluding the boss, who has Shadowgift. The Witches will possess Demoiselle however, one of them Voice of Peace. If a player unit is near an enemy, only one Witch will warp to them. On Hard, most of the Knights/Generals will get Pavise, and the one guarding the entrance to the boss will also carry Vantage and Inspiration. In addition, all available Witches will warp to nearby allied units when they encounter one of the player's units.

Players are suggested to wait for enemy reinforcements; although this can be a burden, it is best because one of the Witch reinforcements will be carrying a Warp tome that will allow any units (including male) to learn it, provided they meet the requirements. Completing the Xenologue too early can result in missing out on this reward.


  • Witch's Mark (One every time the map is completed)
  • Rimmed Glasses (accessory) - dropped by a Witch reinforcement appearing on turn 9 (right of the boss)
  • Warp - dropped by Witch reinforcement paired up in a guard stance appearing on turn 11 (in front of the boss)

Enemy Reinforcements

Note: Enemy reinforcements will only appear if the Witch boss is alive.

  • Two Witches will spawn next to the boss at the start of turns 1, 3, 5 and 9.
  • A Witch will warp in front of the boss at the start of turn 7.
  • Two Witches in a Guard Stance will warp in front of the boss at the start of turn 11.
    • On Hard and Lunatic Mode, two more additional Witches will warp to the left and right of the boss.


  • The layout of the map is the same as Mt. Fear, the area where Alm fights Marla in Fire Emblem Gaiden.
    • Fittingly, the Witch class originates from the same game, but was originally a class inaccessible to player units. Even Witches that were recruited into the party would be changed to the standard Mage class.
    • Furthermore, the Witch reinforcements always spawn adjacent to the boss (another Witch), similar to how Marla could spawn Witch reinforcements, and how reinforcements summoned in Fire Emblem Gaiden always spawned adjacent (or in the nearest tiles) to their summoner.