“Do you wish to fall before my blade as well?”
—Wolf's Battle Quote

Wolf (ウォルフ Worufu) is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He was assigned by Bloom to organize the pursuit of the survivors of Dorias' failed charge on Alster castle. In the end, Wolf ultimately fails to prevent the army from retreating to Leonster, possibly even meeting his death in the process. Regardless of the outcome, he is never seen or heard from again. As Barat is seen commanding the subsequent siege of Leonster castle, it is likely that Bloom saw fit to delegate Wolf to a lesser task, in the aftermath of his failure.

Oddly enough, when engaged in battle Wolf seems to be more concerned with his skilled swordsmanship than with the fact that the retreating rebel forces were able to turn the tide of battle.

In GameEdit


Starting Class
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov LS MS PC
15 56 20 13 18 8 10 20 20 6 4 0 0
Skills Weapon Starting Items

Big shield Great Shield

FE5 Sword IconSword - A
FE5 Lance IconLance - A
FE5 Axe IconAxe - A
FE5 Bow IconBow - A
FE5 Fire IconFire - A
FE5 Thunder IconThunder - A
FE5 Wind IconWind - C
FE5 Staff IconStaff - A

MasterswordMaster Sword


Statistically, aside from his superior Skill and inferior Speed, Wolf is virtually identical to Gustav, who was fought just before him. The circumstances surrounding the encounter are radically different, however. Rather than relying on a Throne to boost his defenses, Wolf instead relies upon an incredible variety of supporting units in his vicinity: two siege Bishops armed with Blizzard (which inflicts Sleep in Thracia), two Iron Arches, three Generals with Master Lances, a siege tome of his own, and a near endless stream of mounted reinforcements that attack on the same turn. This formidable concentration of enemy forces makes Wolf's position virtually unassailable. Given his 20 Build, Wolf cannot be captured, so there is virtually no reason to engage him.

Players wishing to actually kill Wolf should wait until the start of turn 26 before assaulting his position, as the final wave of reinforcements occurs during the previous enemy phase.

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