Wood Shooter (ウッドシューター Uddoshūtā) is a class that appears in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It combines aspects of both Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light's and Mystery of the Emblem's incarnations of the Ballistician class. Normally, the Wood Shooter acts as a heavily armored bow unit with low movement and high defense. However, special long range bows usable only by them and the Ballista class give them 3-7 range in exchange for being unable to move or counterattack for the rest of the chapter after these bows are equipped.



TS305055015-3--TS Bow 3


TS60201520203030-12--TS Bow 18

Notable Wood ShootersEdit

  • Thomas - A hunter from the village of Lot and a friend of Barts.
  • Hagaru - A soldier from Canaan known as the Panther Hagaru.


  • Ballisticians from Fire Emblem Fates seem to be inspired by this class in terms of both usage (slow and armored bow users with special long-ranged weapons) and appearance (tanks).


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