Worried Warrior is the final post-time-skip quest in the Crimson Flower Route given to Byleth by a Grappler in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In other routes, it is not the final post-time skip quest.

Quest Details Edit

Do you know anything I can use to calm my nerves?

Requirements Edit

Find an herb that will help calm the nerves of the soldier in the knights' hall. You may find what you need growing in the greenhouse.

Quest-Giver Dialogue Edit

Whenever I think about the next battle, my knees won't stop shaking. I'm scared of getting hurt, or worse... Is there a medicinal herb I can use to calm my nerves?

Quest Completion DialogueEdit

It really calms you down if you make tea out of it. Ah, even the smell is soothing! Thank you so much. Now I feel like I can fight again.

Location Edit

Given to you by a Grappler in the Knight's Hall in the Crimson Flower/Silver Snow route.

Rewards Edit

  • Legends of Chivalry x1
  • Herring Bait x2
  • Earthworm x5
  • 500 Renown

Strategy Edit

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Talk to the Grappler in the Knight's Hall to begin the quest. Head to the Greenhouse to find the "Lavandula grass" at the bottom right corner. Give it to him to complete the quest.

Trivia Edit

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