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Xaizor is an enemy boss character from Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. A Rigelian soldier, he hinders Alm's progress while in the Rigelian Forest. In the original Gaiden, Xaizor has no dialogue or even a portrait.


Xaizor appears as the second boss of The Land of Sorrow during Alm's route, where he impedes the hero's progress with a small group of witches and myrmidons. Xaizor and his soldiers are ultimately defeated and Alm's group presses on further into Rigel.


Xaizor has no dialogue in his original appearance and still does not speak much in the remake due to his minor involvement with the game's plot. However, one can still notice little of his character with the few lines he speaks. For one, Xaizor can be deduced to be an extremely loyal individual, willing to show obedience to his liege regardless of his own views on the situation. Much is shown when he mentions having no malice towards the Deliverance, but doesn't hesitate to strike due to his obedience to his master's wishes. Xaizor also seems to show respect as such to the point of even revealing his name and reasoning while on the battlefield.



Starting Class
Dread Fighter
MagicStarting Items

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia[]


“My name is Xaizor, and I'm afraid your path ends here. While I bear you no grudge, my master's orders are absolute.”
—Xaizor's battle quote.
“I can serve longer...Forgive me...Emperor...Rudolf...”
—Xaizor's defeat quote.


  • Xaizor's attire differs between his official artwork and his in-game battle model in Echoes: his in-game battle model is the same one that Kliff uses as a Dread Fighter minus the halo structure on the back.
  • Xaizor in Echoes bears a passing physical resemblance to Saizo. Incidentally, both men's original Japanese names are pronounced the same and are nearly identical in spelling (there is one different character at the end of each name). Xaizor's redesign may have been derived from Saizo's design.
    • Additionally, he mentions his liege when he's defeated, like Saizo.
  • Xaizor's face can be revealed if he takes a certain amount of damage or is hit hard enough (ex: critical, arts, etc.). He will lose his mask in the process. Additionally, he can sometimes lose his headgear, thus, revealing a full part of his head.