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“I'm strongest in the land! Well, second strongest, at least. I can hold my own in battle. But if you don't want a monster in your ranks, I understand...”

Ymir is a Warrior and is one of the exclusive characters in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. He is a villager of a Grustian town who is giant in size, which causes people to call him an ogre. However, he does show care for them and even fights on his own in order to save the villagers, who fell into a trap by Grust in attempting to eradicate them all. Later, Marth's army arrives there to help. Because of their mutual intention to save the villagers, Marth soon convinces Ymir to join the army. When the War of Shadows is over, Ymir heads home to his Grustian village.



Complete Chapter 20 with 15 units or less to unlock Chapter 20x. In Chapter 20x, Ymir is a foe. Move Marth towards him and talk to him, and Ymir will exit the map. Clear the chapter and Ymir will join your army.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon[]

Base Stats[]

Starting Class
FE11 Warrior Map SpriteWarrior
WeaponStarting Items
FE12 AxeAxe - B
FE12 BowBow - D
FE11devilaxeDevil Axe

Growth Rates[]

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
90% 50% 0% 25% 30% 25% 10% 0%

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem[]

Base Stats[]

Starting Class
FEDS Warrior Map SpriteWarrior
WeaponStarting Items
FE12 AxeAxe - B
FE12 BowBow - C
FE11silveraxeSilver Axe
FE11killerbowKiller Bow

Growth Rates[]

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
90% 65% 0% 45% 50% 35% 35% 0%

Support Relationships[]


  • None

Supported by


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Ymir is a high level pre-promoted unit, and as a Warrior his stats are fairly lacking. As he joins very late in the game with low stats, many initial axe wielders such as Cord and Bord will have most likely surpassed him. When trained, Ymir can be fairly useful, however, as he has high HP and Strength. He could make an excellent wall if reclassed into a General.

If reclassed into a Hero, Ymir will be a decent unit, and will have good HP, strength, skill and speed. His growths are not the best, though.


“You'll never...get the best of...of...Unnnh...”
—Ymir's Death Quote in Shadow Dragon


Shadow Dragon[]

No Monster
The fighting done, Ymir returned to his village in Grust: the one place that had accepted him. He was content the rest of his days.

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem[]

Kind Warrior
Ymir returned to his village in Grust and spent his days laboring in the fields.

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL7 403
CYL Ymir SD Portrait
Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem


The name 'Ymir' and the Japanese version's name, 'Hymir', have separate Norse roots. Hymir was an exceptionally strong giant who was married to the mother of the god Tyr. He once caught two whales at once with one fishing line. Ymir, on the other hand, was a giant, and the second being in the world, after the giant cow, Audumla. He sweated out all the other giants in his sleep. After his death his body was used as the foundation for the whole world.