Jungby During the Prologue; Under Attack

Jungby Castle Under Attack

Yngvi is one of the six dukedoms of the Kingdom of Grannvale in the Jugdral Series. It was founded by Ulir, the Sniper, and ruled by Duke Ring during the first generation and Scipio during the second generation. The Holy Bow Yewfelle is passed down through the Jungby family. Their knight squadron is known as Beige Ritter and is made up of Bow Knights.


In the first generation, Duke Ring and Andorey departed with the Grannvale army to go to war with Isaach. With the areas surrounding Grannvale mostly defenseless, Verdane launched a surprise attack on the Castle, with Verdane's prince Munnir capturing Edain with the intent of forcing her into marriage. In response, Sigurd launched a crusade against Verdane in order to rescue Edain.

During the war against Isaach, Ring is falsely accused of assassinating Prince Kurth much like how Byron and Sigurd were. In truth, Andorey had allied with Lombard and Reptor and killed Ring, taking over rule of the duchy. Lending his army's assistance to Maios and Daccar in the Silessian civil war, Andorey dies fighting Sigurd in the leadup to the Battle of Belhalla, with his rule passing to his son Scipio, who works with Friege in fighting Seliph's army, only to be defeated. At the war's end, Febail, Brigid's son and inheritor of Ulir's bloodline, may take over Yngvi from Scipio if he doesn't inherit a different throne from his father.

Geographical LocationEdit

Possibly the most remote of the duchies, it is situated some distance southwest of Chalphy, and the Jun River that flows from the northern lake is a natural border between it and Verdane's border castle, Evans.

Family TreeEdit


Notable citizens of JungbyEdit

  • Lord Ring - Duke of Jungby, father of Brigid, Edain, and Andorey.
  • Brigid - The first daughter of Lord Ring, mother of Febail and Patty. Lost at sea and raised by pirates from a young age.
  • Edain - The second daughter of Lord Ring, mother of Lester and Lana.
  • Andorey - The first son of Lord Ring, father of Scipio, and half-brother of Brigid and Edain.
  • Midayle - A loyal retainer of Jungby Castle who serves as Edain's bodyguard.
  • Febail - Elder son of Brigid, wields the Yewfelle.
  • Patty - Younger daughter of Brigid.
  • Lester - Elder son of Edain.
  • Lana - Younger daughter of Edain.
  • Scipio - Son of Andorey, Duke of Jungby and commander of the Beige Ritter after the rise of the Grannvale Empire.


A corruption of Yngvi, an alternative name for the Norse god Freyr, which can also be interpreted as 'lord'.


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