Recruitment Edit

“It has been a long time since we last met, Prince/Princess Corrin. It appears you have our enemy in check at their capital. But I believe that in order to finish the game, you will need more pawns. I have left the castle defended by automata-use me as you see fit.”
—Yukimura's recruitment dialogue.

Enemy YukimuraEdit

Conquest Chapter 6Edit

Pre-Battle QuoteEdit

“This battle is truly lamentable. It would have broken Lady Mikoto's heart to watch these events unfold...”
—Yukimura's pre-battle quote

Vs. CorrinEdit

  • Yukimura: So, here we are. You have come back to us, but with a blade in hand. I suppose it's safe to surmise you have no intention of returning to Hoshido?
  • Corrin: You are correct. Nohr is my home. It's where I belong.
  • Yukimura: How very upsetting. If Lady Mikoto were here to see this, it would break her heart. Then again, she may just have smiled and said, "It's his/her path to choose."
  • Corrin: Yukimura...
  • Yukimura: But such talk is pointless, for our dear queen has left this realm. As for myself, I am above all a tactician for the honorable Hoshidan army. As such, I am obligated to prevent you from returning to Nohr!


“I must withdraw... Forgive me, Lady Mikoto...”
—Yukimura's defeat/retreat quote

Conquest Chapter 22Edit

Pre-Battle QuoteEdit

“My brain against your brawn...Let us see who comes out on top!”
—Yukimura's pre-battle quote

Vs. Corrin Edit

  • Yukimura: "I will defend this fort and Hoshido, until death if I must. Though seeing us fight would have destroyed Queen Mikoto, it must be so."
  • Corrin: "This is not how I would have wanted this to end either, Yukimura. But here we brace yourself!"


“Lady Mikoto....I am sorry.”
—Yukimura's defeat quote

Revelation Chapter 8Edit

Pre-Battle QuoteEdit

“Lady Mikoto... I hope you understand what I must do, wherever you are,.. I will deal with those who would harm Hoshido...”
—Yukimura's pre-battle quote.


“Can this really be true?! it... I admit defeat...”
—Yukimura's defeat quote.

My Castle Edit

Castle Grounds Edit

Alone Edit

  • "The final tally will favor me if keep this up... " (surge)
  • "Preparation is key to victory. The enemy could strike at any time." (weapon proficiency)
  • "Hm? What do we have here?" (item)
  • "As an aide to the royal family, I try to keep my appearance up to date. (accessory gift, asking)
    • "Thank you for such a splendid gift. It will always remind me of you." (accessory gift, loved)
    • "I am genuinely moved that you would remember my birthday, Lord/Lady Corrin." (accessory gift, birthday)
    • "Oh, Lady Mikoto...I wish you'd lived to educate your daughter/son on gift etiquette..." (accessory gift: bath towel)
    • However, I can't let my concern for appearances hold me from my duties.(accessory gift, refused)
  • "Thank you for taking the time to see how I've been doing, Lord/Lady Corrin." (idle)
  • "I appreciate that you check up on me, Corrin." (idle, married)
  • "Be careful in the next battle, Corrin. I can't stand the thought of losing you..." (idle , married)
  • "Don't work yourself too hard, Corrin." (idle, married)
  • "I'm revisiting this book about tactics. Have you ever read it, Corrin?" (idle, married)
  • "How are you, Corrin? I've made another picture. Would you like to see it? (idle, married)
  • "Oh, Corrin! I've come up with a new idea that I'd love your opinion on." (idle, married)
  • "Oh, good day to you. Do you need help finding something?" (visiting another castle)

Asking - Normal Edit

  • "May I ask about your hobbies? How do you fill your free hours?" (free-time)

Replying - Normal Edit

Asking - Married Edit

Replying - Married Edit

Asking - Child Edit

Replying - Child Edit

Private Quarters Edit

Friendship Edit

  • "Ah, Lord/Lady Corrin...I brought some figurines so we could stage our next battle." (Invite)
  • "Lord/Lady Corrin, I have some ideas about a new marionette." (Invite)
  • "Now, what kind of advice could I give to a couple of newlyweds like yourselves...?" (Invite - Married)
Bonding Edit
“The way you carry yourself—reminds me of your parents.”
—Friendship bonding quote
“For Hoshido, for Lady Mikoto, we must persevere.”
—Friendship bonding quote
“I am so content to be here. Summon me whenever you will.”
—Friendship bonding quote
“I first joined you out of a sense of duty, but now... I follow you because I want to protect you.”
—Friendship rank-up quote

Lovers Edit

  • "Welcome home! It's just the two of us here...We can finally relax." (Entrance)
  • "I've been waiting for you, Corrin. We have the rest of the day to ourselves." (Entrance)
  • "Welcome home. I've been busy working." (Entrance)
  • "Welcome back. I wanted to show how much I appreciate you, so I got you flowers." (Flowers)
  • "Welcome back home. I'm afraid my cheeks are still flushed from my bath..." (Before cool down)
  • "Hmm...That was the perfect follow-up to my hot bath." (After cool down)
  • "Welcome home, Corrin. I'm sorry for dozing off like that." (Wake up - Good)
  • "Corrin?! Please, don't wake me up like that again." (Wake up - Bad)
  • "I enjoy these moments with you. I only wish we had more of them." (Exit)
Bonding Edit
“I love you so nothing else in the world.”
—Lovers bonding quote
“I love you...We have such happy memories-let's keep making them.”
—Lovers bonding quote
“Ah, yes. Now for just one little kiss...Oops, were my glasses in the way?”
—Kiss quote
“So many of our memories are from the battlefield. I hope one day that we'll make them elsewhere. In a world of peace.”
—Lovers rank-up quote

Armory Edit

“Hello there. Did you need help finding some sort of weapon?”
—When entering the shop
“Some fascinating items on these shelves...”
—When buying him equipment
“Is it OK for me to buy things while I'm on duty?”
—When buying him equipment when he's on duty
“Selling unneeded goods is only sensible.”
—When selling his equipment
“All my goods will go for the standard price.”
—When selling his equipment when he's on duty

Rod Shop Edit

“When it comes to the art of war, recovery is vital to success.”
—When entering the shop

Smithy Edit

“Need a weapon forged? Depending on what it is, I'll require a specific ore.”
—When entering the shop
“I'll craft this as carefully as my other creations.”
—Forging one of his weapons when he's on duty
“Forging is a craft as intricate as my own.”
—When forging one of his weapons

Lottery Shop Edit

“I've studied the odds, and you have a fair chance of winning something useful.”
—When entering the shop
“Oh, my. What terrific news! You've hit the jackpot.”
—Upon getting a gold ball
“Oh, it seems you've won something nice. Congratulations!”
—Upon getting a silver ball
“How unfortunate--a consolation prize. Don't let it get to you.”
—Upon getting a wood ball

Arena Edit

“In the arena, strategy is important. I've ready perfected my battle plan.”
—When entering the arena
“Good thing I spent all that time working out my battle strategy ahead of time.”
“What a terrible mistake. I must have underestimated my opponents.”

Accessory Shop Edit

“I'm afraid I'm not well versed in style. So you're on your own in here.”
—When entering the shop

Mess Hall Edit

“I'm not the best cook in the world, but I'll do my best to make something good.”
—When running the Mess Hall
“I'll start making the food right away.”
—Before cooking
“Each bite has been prepared with care. Enjoy.”
—After cooking (good)
“Would you like anything else?”
—When leaving
“Incredible. May I have seconds? Just for research purposes, of course.”
—After eating good food
“Have my taste buds gone insane?”
—After eating bad food

Prison Edit

“This is where we keep the prisoners. You should keep your guard up if you go inside.”
—When entering the prison

Hot Spring Edit

“Urk! I promise I'll be out shortly, if you'd care to wait...”
—When entering as the female Corrin (unmarried)
“I'll grant that this is a rare opportunity for us. And I do enjoy sharing a bath...”
—When entering as the Female Corrin (married)
“It certainly does. The time I spend with you is very pleasant indeed.”
—Responding to the Female Corrin (married)

Einherjar Shop Edit

“Using Einherjar in battle can lead to some interesting strategies.”
—When entering the shop
“Would you like anything else?”
—Before leaving the shop

Gathering Spots Edit

“I enjoy the gentle sweetness of the fruits that grow here. What about you, milord/milady?”
—Spoken to at the peach orchard
“Here, have some ore, Corrin. Isn't it gorgeous?”
—Spoken to at a quartz spring
“You cannot travel without proper supplies. I implore you to take this with you.”
—Spoken to at a food gathering spot (visiting another castle)
“Welcome, stranger. Would you perhaps like some of our local ore?”
—Spoken to at a mine (visiting another castle)

Corrin's BirthdayEdit

  • Happy birthday, Lady Corrin. I came up with a special gadget to celebrate."

Level UpEdit

  • "Automation is the future!" (6+ stats up)
  • "My efficiency has improved noticeably." (4-5 stats up)
  • "Precisely as I calculated." (2-3 stats up)
  • "Perhaps I didn't plan carefully enough..." (0-1 stats up)
  • "I have reached the limits of technology." (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change Edit

  • "My horizons COULD use expanding..."

Confession Edit

“We will make new memories together every day, my love.”
—Yukimura's confession quote

Roster Edit

Hoshidan strategist and retainer to late Mikoto. His is mild and serious, but extremely diligent in his work. Likes to read and make gadgets in his spare time. Keeps accidentally breaking his glasses. Born on 4/28.

Help Description Edit

Hoshidan strategist and one of Mikoto's retainers. Mild mannered and studious.

Final Chapter Edit

Endgame (Birthright) Edit

“Lady Mikoto, if you can hear me… Please guide Corrin back to the living…”
—Yukimura's final chapter quote

Endgame (Conquest) (unused) Edit

“The son/daughter of Lady Mikoto must not accept defeat. Return to us!”
—Yukimura's final chapter quote

DLC Pre-Battle Quotes Edit

Ghostly Gold Pre-Battle Edit

“ you waited until we were dead tired before you decided to strike. I have to admit---it's a good plan! But we have something called caffeine.”
—Yukimura's pre-battle quote

Boo Camp Pre-Battle Edit

“You know, rumors sometimes crop up of ghosts in the Hoshidan castle. I hope they're true. I'd welcome seeing Lady Mikoto or Lord Sumeragi again.”
—Yukimura's pre-battle quote

Museum Melee Pre-Battle Edit

“A contest? For weapons? This IS a museum, correct? And here I was hoping for a nice scholarly diversion for once...”
—Yukimura's pre-battle quote

Anna on the Run Pre-Battle Edit

Battle Quotes Edit

Dual Support Edit

  • "As we planned."
  • "To battle!"
  • "Let us work together."
  • "I have a plan."
  • "Shall we?"
  • "Intriguing!"
  • "I will be your shield."
  • "After you."
  • "How shall we proceed?"

Dual Strike Edit

  • "I'm on my way!"
  • "Ah, pardon me."
  • "Room for one more?"
  • "Sorry to interrupt!"

Dual Guard Edit

  • "Predictable!"
  • "Do stay safe!"
  • "Unwise!"

Partner Defeated Enemy/When Healed Edit

  • "Why, thank you."

Critical/Skill Edit

  • "Only flesh."
  • "Regrettable."
  • "Right into my trap!"
  • "What was your exit strategy?"

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "Another victory!"
  • "Automatic really."
  • "Exactly as planned!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Outwitted."

Defeated by Enemy Edit

  • "Lady....Mikoto...."

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“It seems I did not plan for all eventualities. I must retreat immediately..”
—Yukimura's retreat quote. (classic)
“It's important to know when to retreat in battle... right now being a fine example. ”
—Yukimura's retreat quote. (casual)
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