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“Someone wants the boy in an early grave. A shame if you ask me, but he'll die here today. C'mon, boys! Earn your keep!”

Zagan is a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is a Caelin bandit, serving as the Boss of Chapter 12 in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. According to his in-game description, he fights more for pleasure than money.



Description: A Caelin bandit. Fights for pleasure more than money.


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Zagan is one of the few bosses that actively attempts to kill you. Most bosses either remain stationary, or only move when a unit is in range; Zagan, however, approaches on his own. Engaging Zagan on proper terrain is imperative. There are many mountains on the map, and Zagan can actually be difficult to hit while standing on one. On the other hand, Zagan will have incredible trouble attempting to hit an opposing sword unit positioned on a mountain.


“Curses! What are you waiting for!? Let me show you boys how it's done!”
—Zagan's battle quote
“Oh...aaurr...This...was it seemed...”
—Zagan's death quote


Zagan may refer to the following: a town in Poland, or a figure in demonology.


  • Zagan's English unit description contains a slight mistranslation, describing him as being from Caelin specifically, while the original Japanese text simply says that he's Lycian without mentioning any specific territory therein.