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“Divine One, my name is Zelestia. I am a Mage Dragon of some small renown. I always considered both you and Queen Lumera of this world to be my family. It's an honor to make your acquaintance.”
—Zelesta meeting Alear.

Zelestia is a character from Fire Emblem Engage introduced in the game's Fell Xenologue DLC. She is the leader of the Four Winds.


Zelestia is a member of the Four Winds, a band of knights formed to protect Nel and Nil. She is the Fell counterpart ofZephia. In this world, the Mage Dragons were exterminated by Sombron when they refused to join him. Due to her lack of magical ability compared to her kin, Zelestia managed to go unnoticed by Sombron's forces during the massacre, leaving her as the last of her kind. She is unable to take her dragon form, as her Dragonstone was lost in the destruction of her home village. When she came to seek refuge in Lythos, she met Lumera and Alear and they became close friends.

Zelestia was gathering intelligence in Firene when Alear was summoned to the alternate Elyos. When Nel, Nil, and Alear reconvene with her, she informs them that Firene is about to declare war on Brodia.


Unlike Zephia, Zelestia is cheerful, caring and loyal to the Divine Dragon, and she is more akin to an actual mother or older sister in the way she expresses her idea of familial love. Indeed, she is so dedicated to helping and comforting people in need that she often needs to be reminded to eat. Though able to read the emotions of others with great skill, she wears her heart on her sleeve and is quick to lose her composure when she fears she has offended or insulted others.

She also has good relationships with all the members of the Four Winds, who she views as her family; when the Mauvier of her world sacrificed himself to save the other members, she blamed herself for being too weak to save his life. Zelestia also had a close relationship with Lumera and is devoted to Nel and Nil despite initially mistrusting them due to them being the children of Sombron.


Leader of the Four Winds. A scion of Mage Dragons, she is rich in love and affection for her companions.

Base Stats[]

Growth Rates[]

HP Bld Str Mag Dex Spd Def Res Lck
60% 5% 35% 35% 35% 50% 30% 35% 20%

HP Bld Str Mag Dex Spd Def Res Lck
70% 10% 45% 45% 45% 65% 40% 45% 20%


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Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Right from the start, Zelestia stands out as a Mage Knight on wings. Her class is technically not promoted, but it has the growth rates and base stats of one, befitting that of what is otherwise restricted to only an in-game boss. She can even be obtained before the two other flying Tome users, Ivy and Hortensia; given her increased mobility and versatility over the other Fell Xenologue units, she can do a lot more if obtained early than the other four, at least until her reduced Experience gain starts to dull her advancement. Once her level advantage starts to diminish, however, Zelestia will be revealed as somewhat unimpressive statistically; she'll be decently fast, but she'll have trouble even scratching the Fell Xenologue boss (without Emblems), for instance.

Zelestia's innate Skills are not particularly easy to use. Friendly Boost can be very helpful if it activates, whether for under-leveled units lacking in hit rate or her Dexterity-deprived fellow Winds; however, it requires close proximity to her allies, while her role as a flier will encourage her to go out alone or ahead of the others. Her class skill upon reaching Level 25, Soulblade, makes her Sword hits average out the target's Defense and Resistance and then round down the result; this is of esoteric benefit, since she already has Tomes for handling high-Defense foes such as Generals, and since the averaging may very well reduce her damage output against Sages and other Tome-using units. One can opt to have Zelestia use the Levin Sword for neutral coverage against most threats (at the expense of slightly-reduced performance against those with high Defense); the gap between Defense and Resistance is not very high in general, and that the formula rounds the defender's damage reduction down means she will often get an extra damage point anyway.

Overall, Zelestia is a highly-versatile unit; not very strong without favoritism, investment, or good timing, but capable of a great many things when the opportunities arise. Some suggest routinely using Second Seals on her to keep her level under 25, so that she can be a Melusine without Soulblade and remain somewhat better at Mage-killing, but she is perfectly serviceable without that attention. Simply bring her wherever you may need an extra hand on short order.

Gift List[]

Gift Name Type of Gift Description
Roasted Yam Favorite Roasted in the open fire and made without seasoning to bring out its flavor. Favored by fans of yams.
Animal Treats Favorite A tightly sealed bottle of pungent treats that will draw all kinds of creatures. Favored by animal fans.
Butterfly Net Favorite A light and long-handled net made especially for catching bugs. Favored by fans of animals and bugs.
Sun Visor Favorite The visor protects the face and neck from sunburn. Favored by fans of exercise and walks as well.
Horn Favorite A hollow animal horn that makes a loud noise. Has no holes for playing notes. Favored by fans of music.
Flower Wreath Favorite A handmade wreath often displayed on doors or walls. Favored by fans of flowers and cute things.
Cute Apron Favorite A charming pink apron embellished with embroidery and frills. Favored by fans of cooking and cute things.
Bear Carving Favorite The realistic details make this wooden ornament shine. Favored by fans of animals and cute things.
Playing Cards Favorite Picture cards used for various group games. Favored by children and fans of parties and games.
Field Guide Favorite A thick encyclopedia detailing all kinds of creatures. Favored by fans of animals and bugs.
Spirit Gem Favorite A gem that shines with many colors. Found only in the Somniel, especially near Sommie. Favored by all.
Dried Meat Disliked A well-aged dried meat popular as a portable snack. Favored by fans of meat and folk food.
Yogurt Disliked Made with the milk of select alpacas, one bite will transport you to green pastures. Favored by fans of dairy.
Sharp Chisel Disliked A tool used to carve intricate designs on wood. Favored by fans of crafting and weapons.
Fairy-Tale Book Disliked A picture book containing many short and wondrous tales. Favored by fans of reading and fairy tales.
Poetry Book Disliked A diverse book of poetry including submissions from the public. Favored by fans of reading and daydreaming.
Philosophy Book Disliked A complex introductory text for students of reason and meaning. Favored by fans of studying.
Elyos History Disliked A thick book detailing the history of Elyos and its regions. Favored by fans of reading and studying.
Sewing Kit Disliked This compact, well-organized sewing kit is handy in a pinch. Favored by fans of sewing and knitting.
Sheep Wool Disliked A soft ball of yarn spun from the fresh wool of young sheep. Favored by fans of sewing and knitting.
Spooky Scroll Disliked A rolled-up parchment inscribed with weird symbols to ward off spirits. Favored by fans of scary stories.
Horse Manure Disliked Ordinary horse manure. That's it. You could technically give it to someone, but why would you?



Possible Endings[]

Loving Leader Zelestia
Zelestia set out to find Mage Dragons rumored to be living in secret. She was often confused for Zephia of the Four Hounds, but her kindness won through.
In later years, she became leader of the new Mage Dragon village and lived out her life loving them, and loved by them, as family.
Zelestia and Alear
Alear became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in a lasting peace.
Zelestia showered the people of Lythos with affection while supporting the Divine Dragon. The two enjoyed meals together for over a thousand happy years.

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

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CYL8 166 CYL Zelestia Portrait


Zelestia is a corruption of her Japanese name, 'Celestia', which is the name of a flower, similar to the naming theme of characters from Elusia. Celestia is also a female name which means 'heavenly' or 'of the sky' in Latin.


  • Zelestia shares her English voice actress, Elizabeth Maxwell, with her counterpart Zephia, and Petrine.
  • Zelestia retains her dragon weakness even if she changes from her Melusine class.
  • Zelestia is the only member of the Four Winds whose appearance is addressed in the Fell Xenologue story, given that the Fell Xenologue can be completed before Griss, Marni, and main Mauvier are seen.
  • Zelestia has much higher Luck in her first chapter than in all subsequent appearances.


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