An image of some of the Zunanma with Ashunera.

“The Zunanma continued to evolve and change, giving rise to a variety of races and tribes across the land. Naturally, each of the races thought their own was superior to the others, and conflict arose between them.”

The Zunanma (known as the Mannaz in the Japanese version, Zunanma is an rearrangement of Mannazu) is a ancient race from the backstory of the Tellius Series. They predate the beorc and the laguz, both of whom are descended from them. They were once the dominant species on Tellius and worshiped Ashunera, whom they referred to as the Goddess of Dawn. They are said to be evolved from animals. Their ruins are located in the Grann Desert, which is situated in Begnion.

After living peacefully for a while, the Zunanma split into the laguz and the beorc and the two factions began fighting each other. This caused Ashunera to flood the world and thereafter split into Ashera and Yune. In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, it is revealed that the Begnion Senate twisted the truth about the Zunanma by claiming that they were the ancestors of only the beorc.


The Zunanma, based on their depiction in a single in-game picture, appear as very anthropomorphic, bipedal animals. It can be seen that there are dragon-like, beast-like, and bird-like Zunanma, which presumably turned into the different types of Laguz.


  • After the player completes Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the first time, the art with Ashunera and the Zunanma can appear behind the logo on the title screen.
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