瑞瓦提恩(Laevatein)是'《聖火降魔錄英雄雲集》中的角色,來自於 穆斯貝爾王國。She is seen fighting 阿爾馮斯 in the opening cinematic.

資料 编辑

斯爾特的女兒,火焰王國Múspell的第二公主。She sees herself as one and the same as the blade she wields, and keeps her emotions in check.

遊戲中 编辑


Searing Steel

The second princess of Múspell, the Kingdom of Flame. She sees herself and the blade she wields as one and the same, and keeps her emotions in check.

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Laevatein/Heroes Quotes

Etymology 编辑

In Norse mythology, Lævatein is a weapon mentioned in the Poetic Edda poem Fjölsvinnsmál.


  • According to the design sheets, Laevatein's design is meant to represent a raven that brings death.
  • Laevatein shares her English voice actress with 密絲特 in Heroes.
  • Laevatein's artwork shows wielding the Laevatein.

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